Top Selling Cannabis Products
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Top Selling Cannabis Products

Marijuana legalization is moving forward as more states get on board. Because of this, more cannabis products are being created as more marijuana dispensaries and marijuana grow operations are starting up. Marijuana dispensaries sell various cannabis that cater to convenience that marijuana users are seeking. For example, if you do not feel like rolling your own weed, then you can get it already pre-rolled and sold at the cannabis dispensary. And for those who do not feel like rolling a joint, these dispensaries sell other cannabis products such as brownies or even gummies. How do you know which one of these cannabis are the most popular? Also, will you get high on edibles or liquid or smoking?

The Popularity

Well, marijuana plant or flower is the initial product used to make other cannabis products. Retailers carry edibles such as cake and capsules that are the most sought after. Marijuana buds are also part of the populous including pre-rolled joints. Vapor pens and concentrates follow in popularity. It is unsurprising that hybrid strains account for more than twenty five percent of cannabis product transactions Indica strains is next, enjoying eleven percent popularity. While it gives your body a high, it does not give your head that much of an high as sativa strains do. Sativa strains is about ten percent in popularity. Wax is consumed with the use of a vapor pen and soon enough the marijuana user will need cartridges for those vapor pens. So this is another popular cannabis product.

The Growth

Flower continues to be the favorite among cannabis products and accounts for half of all the products purchased by consumers. However, there is an increased growth of other new products, exceeding the norm and continuing to shift as the cannabis market grows. Some of the cannabis products that top the list are edibles such as cookies, truffles, brownies and chocolate, all made from weed. Carbonated beverages, infused with marijuana is another product hitting the shelves of marijuana dispensaries.

Other retail shops are catching on. The most popular weed is Blue Dream. Why? It is the one that is most searched on the Internet and sold in cannabis dispensaries across the nation. Blue Dream is a hybrid of the indica strain known as Blueberry along with the sativa strain known as Haze. Any cannabis products made with these combined strains are set to make the user feel relaxed, from head to toe. Blue Dream has a smooth, fruity smoke, resulting in euphoria and a feeling of deep meditation. Let's take a look at the top selling cannabis products on the market today.

Sour Gummies

Sour gummies are to ‘die for.' It has a sweet and sour taste to it. People who love low calorie munchies will love sour gummies infused with cannabis. The gummies are so small that they are discreetly packaged and easy to carry around. The dosage is about 10 mg of THC, which means that you will feel mellow without falling to sleep.

Pipes and Rolling Paper

Glass pipes and rolling paper have now become the norm than they were in the past. Vape pens are popular, but not as much as glass pipes, vaporizers and rolling paper are. People that love to smoke weed still want to roll their joint. And so, rolling paper is necessary and will always be. Bongs are still quite popular as old school contraptions, but in Denver, for example, there are specialty stores that sell some of these cannabis products, leaving people to stay away from marijuana dispensaries, especially when the specialty stores are close to home.

Despite the number of cannabis products on the market, flower is carrying its own and retailers have reported consistent sales. For that reason, you will see people leaving a cannabis dispensary with goods that include brownies or muffins, candies and gum.


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