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When choosing glass pipes you want to make sure you are getting a top rated one. If you want variations in the way you consume medical marijuana oil or hash oil, then a glass pipe will give you a better smoking experience. This is especially true when you truly enjoy smoking without having to deal with the harshness in your lungs.

Why would you stop with one glass pipe when you can have a variety? With that many options, many marijuana smokers tend to purchase more than one to use.

Similar to other smoking gadgets, glass pipes are sold in different sizes, designs and shapes. If you want to add one of these glass pipes to your collection, you likely may feel overwhelmed by how many you have to choose from.

You have to consider which one is worth the money. There are some young companies that sell glass pipes and have become popular since their inception. Let's look a few of them as well as the ones that have been around for a while longer.

1. Empire Glassworks

One such company is Empire Glassworks, which started out selling Disney figurines and graduated to selling glass products. The color combination of their glass pipes are customized in-house with imaginary characters and that perfect shade. Empire Glassworks has a mixed fan base, most of whom are seeking beauty inside their glass pipes. Every flower and character has a careful and almost flawless finish.

2. High Tech Glassworks

High Tech Glassworks has truly gotten their feet wet in the glass pipe industry, but mainly for the millennial generation. Most of their glass pipes are trendy, hip and fun. The company's name is enough to explain the product style and the audience it is geared towards as well as the company's culture.

3. Hi Si Glass Pipes

Hi Si pipes has some seriously constructed glass pipes. It is apparent that the company takes their design and production very seriously. Each glass pipe has to be meticulously tested for the best water infiltration. Even the design is carefulyl done for that same reason. Their original design is ‘geyser perc,' which exemplifies the fact that the company takes a scientific approach to designing their glass pipes. In using one of their glass pipes, you will experience the true inhaling effect of weed smoking.

4. Honey Supply

Honey Supply is another great brand. Their products are made with high quality American glass products. The company is located in Los Angeles, California. It is apparent that everything in their product line was specifically designed to cater to the weed smoking communities around the world. One of their glass pieces is made with thick joints and polished domes. It is clear that Honey Supply wants to push the smoking world to try innovative products.

5. Burner Glassworks

Burner Glassworks is headquartered in the West Coast and its brand is getting a lot of attention. There is another company branch in Asheville, North Carolina The company uses premium quality glass from German Schott. Their glass is heavier and much cleaner. The company has in-house artists that decorate their glass pipes.

6. Illadelph Glass Pipes

Illadelph is a reputable glass pipe company that has been around for a while. They are known for using high quality glass to make their glass pipes. To buy an authentic glass pipe, you have to purchase through an authorized retailer. The company does not use plastic clips on their glass pipes. hey use customized magnetic tips instead.

7. Pulse Glass

Pulse Glass makes their products in the United States. They have an assortment of well-designed glass pipes, adding new ones each month. The staff is friendly and will answer your questions about their products. All products are creatively done.

Conclusion on Top Rated Glass Pipes

For the marijuana smoker there are many different glass pipe options. It comes down to quality, price and preference.

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