Cannabis High: Best Beverages When You Are High

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If you are on a cannabis high, there are some great beverages to purchase, not just to get you down from your high, but also because they actually taste really refreshing and delicious. After you smoke your first cannabis strain, you may experience a cannabis high like no other. If you did not know before, your mouth may get very dry. Do not let your taste buds suffer, but rather drink one of the beverages below when you have your next cannabis high. Let us take a closer look at these beverages, some of which, you may already know about.

Mamma Chia

The Mamma Chia beverage is filled with several popping flavors. It has six grams of fiber and a lot of protein in it. For a beverage, the Mamma Chia drink is amazingly good. However, it contains chia seeds that not only improve its flavor, but more importantly adds the fiber to your diet. Chia seeds are known to soak up liquid and that is exactly what happens with the beverage until it is transformed into a gelatinous texture. This drink will fill you up and you know that when you have a cannabis high, you also have the munchies. Due to the thickness of the chia seeds, you will always feel full after drinking it.

Aloe Beverage

The Aloe beverage is considered healthy, but it also has a great taste. Similar to Mamma Chia, it is sold in several different flavors. The Fuji Apple has a crisp flavor and taste like Fuji apples, which is one of the ingredients used to make it. You will taste chunky bits of aloe vera pulp in it.

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is very popular, especially in college towns across the nation. This is a magical drink that contains tapioca balls and fruit jellies. Because of its ingredients, you have to shake the bottle vigorously before drinking through a straw. Bubble tea can be combined with any giggly cannabis strain. It is also good for getting you down from that cannabis high.

Odwalla Beverage

The Odwalla beverage is one of the finest, especially if you are a lover for sugary drinks. You can use it to make fruit smoothies. So, of course, it requires some of your time to prepare, but it is going to be worth it. However, you can either prepare from scratch or just buy the Odwalla smoothie that comes in flavors like Strawberry Banana and Mango Tango with its thick texture. Keep in the freezer to maintain its freshness. When you take it out of the freezer after one to two hours, you will end up with a slushy smoothie that will quench your taste buds during a cannabis high.

Slurpee Beverage

If you want to have a chilled drink with less preparation time than the frozen Odwalla smoothie, the 7-11 Slurpee is the solution. During that cannabis high, you may not want to drive anywhere, but have someone pick up a slurpee for you at the nearby 7-11. Everyone should have a slurpee experience, even without a cannabis high. It is refreshing and tasty, especially if you choose a wild flavor.

Ramune Beverage

The Ramune drink comes in a pressure sealed bottle and can be fun to open up. It is made in Japan and is considered an exotic drink. You can find this drink at any Asian Food Market.

There are other beverages that will work well with providing the solution for getting down from that cannabis high, but the ones listed here are the best so far. Many people find the flavor and ingredients tasty and healthy and you could too.

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