Popular Marijuana Edibles Company in Colorado

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Cannabis edibles
Popular Marijuana Edibles Company in Colorado

Popular marijuana edibles company in Colorado are booming. You don't need to be an avid smoker to have the experienced offered in the rocky mountains of Colorado. In the state of Colorado, recreational cannabis has been legalized and so there are many different ways that you can indulge in marijuana without using a bong, pipe or joint. Marijuana edibles are the next best thing to getting high and feeling good. And as more companies come on board, you will find marijuana edibles all throughout the various cities of Colorado. In different cannabis dispensaries, you might be able to find marijuana edibles such as gummy bears, chocolates, truffles, beverages, oils, butter, dessert and candy; just to name a few.

The good thing about edibles is that you can take a bit without attracting attention. Even though, some of them might carry a scent, most of them are usually subtle in smell. A lot of athletes consume edibles instead of smoking a joint, just so as to spare the harshness that it might do to the lungs. Be mindful though, that consuming too much of these edibles can cause paranoia. Let's now look at the marijuana edibles companies that you might find in the state of Colorado.

Cheeba Chews

Check out Cheeba Chews, which is one of the marijuana edibles company that creates and distributes its product nationwide and not just in the state of Colorado. You can find their product easily by going to the website or various marijuana dispensaries in the cities of Colorado and beyond.

Mountain High Suckers

One of the marijuana edibles companies that create suckers that are filled with CBD is the Mountain High Suckers. This company is located in the city of Denver and sells their marijuana suckers in most recreational and medical dispensaries in the state of Colorado.

Dixie Elixirs

One of the largest marijuana edibles company is Dixie Elixirs. The company makes various types of edibles that include candies, beverages, sprays and chocolates. This company boasts a corporate brand as it relates to the cannabis industry. The products are sold in several states other than the state of Colorado. Go to the website to get more details

Mountain Medicine

Mountain Medicine is a company that came onto the marijuana market scene when the state of Colorado had only legalized medical marijuana. This company was known for having potent doses of marijuana edibles, but since the legalization of recreational cannabis, the company has reduced the strength of their edibles dosage. They sell a wide range of cannabis treats.

Julies Edibles

Julies Edibles takes pride in providing the consumer with healthy marijuana edibles. If you are into a healthy variation of edibles, then Julies Edibles is the company to check out. They sell seed mixes, granola products and nutty bites with more grains and reduced sugar intake.

Canyon Cultivation

If you are one of those people that love sweets, you will appreciate the marijuana edibles products made by Canyon Cultivation, which is a company located in the city of Denver, Colorado. The company specializes in various type of candies, coffee and even breathe strips.

Loves Oven

Do you love baked goods? You will truly appreciate Loves Oven, which is a company that specializes in baked marijuana edibles like cakes and cannabis-infused baklava. These are excellent treats to have after dinner.

Keef Cola

Keef Cola makes original marijuana beverages and sells them on the cannabis market in the state of Colorado. Since launching, the company has added several more flavors to their products. You will be able to find the company's products in various medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries.

Sweet Grass Kitchen

Sweet Grass Kitchen is known for making delicious pumpkin pies and cookies. They are known for being the leading marijuana edibles company that specializes in cookies. If you were to stop by one of the cannabis dispensaries in Colorado, you should see one or more of their products on the shelf.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/metrocannabis/6912892603/

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