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While this strain may sound intense, the high that AK-47 strain provides is actually very mellow and relaxing. AK-47 is a sativa dominant hybrid, which offers a long-lasting and steady cerebral buzz, which can help in keeping you alert mentally while bringing out the best in you when it comes to social or creative activities.

This strain is a wonderful combination of Mexican, Colombian, Afghani and Thai varieties, combining together a very complex blend of different effects and flavors. It has an earthy and sour scent, with sweet floral notes, which can also be observed in the taste.

AK-47 Strain Genetics

The AK-47 strain was developed back in 1992 by the Serious .It has already won several awards in the Cannabis Cup all over the world, thanks to its very high THC content level of 20%.

Medical Uses

A lot of users consider this strain as included in their top 20 marijuana strains because of its overall relaxing effects, especially in relieving anxiety and stress. This is also used as a medical marijuana strain, which can help in treating aches and chronic pains. Even people who are suffering from insomnia observe the relaxing effect of this strain. A lot of bipolar disorder suffers also find smoking the AK-47 as a very helpful option.

Growing AK-47

For marijuana growers who would like to plant this strain in their gardens, it is highly recommended to do so in an indoor environment, using either hydroponic or soil setups. It is very easy to grow and also comes with a short flowering time indoors of just about 53 to 63 days. On the other hand, plants grown outdoors usually finish around the end of October.

When talking about the physical appearance of this strain, the plants are relatively tall and come with large calyxes. The buds are also dark yellow-green and filled with crystals or trichomes, as well as red, fine hairs.

When growing this strain, the temperatures should be maintained below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is grown at the exact 75 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, the plants will still be able to produce the same yield, though the buds may open more and become fluffier.

AK-47 enters the flowering phase in about eight to nine weeks. However, if they are grown in an outdoor environment, the plants become ready for harvesting around the middle of October. Under great growing conditions, these plants may yield around 350 to 500 grams per square meter. Several online seed banks these days are offering the AK-47 strain. All you need to do is to select the best one that can offer you convenience, especially when it comes to shipment and delivery.

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