Bill Passed in Kansas For CBD Use With THC
 Kansas bill passed For CBD Use With THC

Bill Passed in Kansas For CBD Use With THC

In this article we will discover which bill was passed in the city of Kansas for CBD use with THC and find out the exact reason why this is so. It might very much surprise you. In March 2019, a bill was approved by the Kansas House of Representative and it had to do with CBD use with THC. Many were surprised by the move and wanted to know more about the reason why this bill was passed. For one, there are a lot people with medical conditions that are debilitating and desperately need CBD oil to target their illnesses, but in many cases, CBD oil does not come with any amount of THC. This bill would allow a small amount of THC content. And so, the measure known as “House Bill 2244” was approved with a vote of 89 House Representatives to 35 that voted against it. Now, the bill is set to head over to the Senate so it can be considered for full fledge approval in the legislature.

Claire and Lola’s Law

House Bill 2244 became a talk of the town because it was stirred up by parents who had seriously sick children and wanted an alternative and so the bill is also called the Claire and Lola’s Law. If it is fully approved by the Senate, the bill will help the children to continue CBD use, but with a small amount of THC; up to five percent. This will also help adults that are suffering with debilitating illnesses. House Representative Susan Humphries of Wichita, KS indicated that people who are ill in her state should be given an alternative option for CBD use with THC as long as it is for medical purposes. She further says that CBD oil is already known to be a treatment or remedy for many ill patients. In fact, there are many Kansas families that rely on CBD consumption for themselves and for their sick children.

The Back Story

There is a story behind House Bill 2244. Clair and Lola Hartley have a rare medical condition that doctors call ‘microcephaly.’ These two sisters were born with this condition where their brains were underdeveloped. They were also born with smaller heads than normal. Their condition could develop pinto other serious health conditions. The parents of these girls are Scott and Gwen Hartley who say that giving their girls CBD oil had helped them a lot.  However, Claire did not make it. She died in December 2018 at 17 years old from complications of epilepsy. But, Lola who is now twelve years old is still alive and the parents want to do whatever it takes to save her life.

The Parents

As the House of Representative tried to decide the sister’s fate, Gwen and Scott Hartley were present to hear how these lawmakers would decide their children’s fate. In fact, the parents begged the lawmakers to allow people to have an easier process to obtain CBD oil that contains THC so that they can treat their medical conditions. It was a somber day when the parents had to retell their story and talk about the death of their seventeen year old daughter who had just died three months before. She had complications such as epilepsy and cerebral palsy. For the parents, they were not allowed to give their daughter CBD with small doses of THC and this is known as cannabis microdosing. The parents believe that it would have been such a help to their daughter who was struggling to live. They told the lawmakers that watching their daughter’s medical deterioration is what forced them to speak out so that other kids could be spared. Brianna Baskerville was another parent that spoke out about her belief that CBD use with THC in small amounts could help her child as well. She has a child with an autoimmune condition and muscular dystrophy.

Final Summary

Both parents were excited about the prospect of legal CBD use with small doses of THC for people with severe medical conditions. At least, it is a start to putting the past behind and moving forward as they wait for the outcome. Stay tuned! Now you know about why the bill passed in Kansas for CBD use with THC. Do you think this bill will last as is? Or will it evolve over time with the cannabis laws across the country?


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