Best Cannabis Sativa Strains to Smoke

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There are too many sativa strains for one person to know so we have narrowed them down to the best of the best. Even though pure sativa strains might be longer in their yields, the opposite is true for pure indica strains, which rewards growers with the effort made in cultivating weed.

Haze is one of the most famous cannabis sativa strains. If grown indoors, it takes as much as twelve weeks to produce a good

Cannabis sativa strains can be found in many native countries. There are many varieties that are popular among avid users who love to smoke weed throughout their day. The uplifting effect that it gives may allow the user to produce some creative works.

We have put together several cannabis sativa strains that you can smoke daily.

Best Cannabis Sativa Strains to Smoke

Power Flower

If you are looking for one of the best cannabis sativa strains to smoke, check out Power Flower, which is mostly cultivated by commercial marijuana growers that have to meet a high demand in supply.

If you are an indoor grower, you can easily bring about a harvest of up to 650 grams per square meter. If it is being grown outdoors, it will strive in warm climates.

When you smoke Power Flower, it gives you an energetic and smooth high.

Shining Silver Haze

Shining Silver Haze is one of the most popular cannabis sativa strains on the market. It is a combination of Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk strains.

The hybrids are best grown indoors, but can also be grown outdoors. In fact, the marijuana plant prefers the full sun. If you were to grow it indoors, you might get a yield of up to 450 grams per square meters.

If you are not a novice, you will appreciate the taste of this strain and the instant high it gives you.

Royal Madre

The most recent addition to hybrid strains is the Royal Madre. It is considered a blend of Queen Madre and Jack the Ripper strains; 25 percent being indica and 75 percent being sativa.

The Royal Madre has a good balance of CBD and THC levels. This makes it perfect for medical cannabis users.

If you are looking for a quick yield, then the Royal Madre should be the choice because it takes only eight weeks to harvest.

Haze Berry

If you want to choose from one of the top cannabis sativa strains to smoke, you would do well to choose Haze Berry, which is excellent for medical cannabis patients. It is a combination of Haze and Blueberry cannabis sativa strains.

The buds provide an energetic high and have a sweet flavor. It won't make you too high enough so much so that you won't be productive. Growers get good yields from Haze Berry, which can be grown indoor or outdoor to produce huge plants.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is one of the cannabis sativa strains that can be grown indoor or outdoor. It is one of the top yielding plants. If you were to grow it indoors, you could bring in a harvest of up to 600 grams per square meter. You get an immediate high from smoking Amnesia Haze.

Sour Diesel

If you are an experienced user, you might be familiar with one of the cannabis sativa strains known as Sour Diesel. The Sour Diesel strain can be grown either indoor or outdoor. The structure of this marijuana plant is huge with large branches and a flowering period of 10 weeks.

Royal Moby

Royal Moby is from the marijuana plant known as “Moby Dick.” Royal Moby has large branches and you can harvest this within ten weeks and as early as nine weeks. When you smoke this strain, you will definitely get a smooth high.

Royal AK

Another one of the cannabis sativa strains to smoke is the Royal AK. It is a classic and known to give the user a cerebral high in no time after smoking. It hails from Afghanistan, Columbia, Thailand and Mexico. Grown indoors or outdoors, the yield will have buds that go up to 18 percent THC level.

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