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If you love sativa and haven’t tried the Jack Herer strain, you owe it to yourself to give it a try as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Most likely it will be love at first puff.

Whether you’re looking for a new cultivation project or a new strain to stock in your store—or you merely want something new for personal use—Jack Herer will not disappoint. It has several notable cannabis awards that are proof of its quality.

Genetics of Jack Herer Strain

This uplifting strain is for daytime use all the way. Jack Herer strain delivers a motivational high with a tasty terpene experience. Smoking some Jack Herer makes a perfect prelude to an afternoon hike or mountain bike ride.

This is a great strain for creativity. Created by Sensi Seeds in Amsterdam in honor of the cannabis activist Jack Herer (author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes), this namesake strain brings a rich blast of Hazey sativa.

While there are several phenotypes, expect a strong Haze presence with prominent pine and mint notes and a touch of spice or a hint of fruit.

Although Jack Herer descends from Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk (the percentages of each remain a subject of debate), Haze seems to have the strongest influence of the three—something that should please most lovers of sativa.

Northern Lights #5 no doubt provides a bit of earthy body and spice, but the effect is all sativa. Jack Herer has such a strong following among cannabis enthusiasts that it inspired the creation of another notable strain, Jack Flash, which has a quicker finishing time than pure Jack but has much of the same effect and flavor profile.

Other notable strains derived from Jack Herer include Jack the Ripper, and Jack’s Cleaner, two outstanding strains definitely worth seeking out.

With notable indicas like Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk playing a prominent role in the creation of this strain, you may question why it is nearly always listed as a sativa—or a sativa-leaning hybrid. That’s part of the beauty of Jack Herer.

A great deal of thought went into its breeding, and Sensi Seeds really hit a home run with this one. It was created to honor a special man who loved sativas and made great contributions to the cannabis community, so it had to be something special. Once you smoke it, you will immediately recognize it as a sativa.

Growing Jack Herer Strain

In the garden, Jack Herer demonstrates ample evidence of its sativa heritage. While not unmanageable, it does tend to stretch a bit more than most strains, especially during the flowering stage, so make sure you have ample vertical space if you wish to grow it.

Reduce the light cycle to induce flowering before the plants get very tall. When it comes to Jack’s maturity rate, you will have to have a little patience. The time it takes to mature will take a couple of weeks longer than the majority of popular strains—once again thanks to the strong Haze genetics in its background.

Organic soil additives usually are the best to use for connoisseur-quality cannabis—especially one with special and subtle flavors—so don’t skimp on quality additives.

Once it’s ready to harvest, Jack Herer deserves a proper cure. Go low and slow, keeping temperatures on the cool side with average humidity. This will allow the buds to dry at a good, slow rate, which is always the proper method for smooth and potent smoke when it’s time to enjoy this tasty treat.

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