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Want to know the best strains for back pain?

Bothered with back pain and trying to figure out how you can relieve yourself from this chronic pain? Suddenly you are looking for the best strains for back pain. You are not alone. According to some studies, more than 80% of US people have experienced lower back pain once or twice. In some cases, it turns out to be chronic pain, and medical cannabis is the easiest solution for the victims. In many cases, the pain is recurring. Before we take a look at the best tincture for back pain, let's take a brief look at back pain and how cannabis can help you. 

Back Pain and its Cause

Describing back pain is a futile try, and there are various reasons why a person is affected by it. Some people can just strain their muscles and feel pain. And, others can have severe conditions that baffle the doctors. Also, people with arthritis can face problems in their lower back. And, some life-long irregularities can turn out to be a real headache for some. 

Cannabis Strains and Back Pain

Remember when Marge started a new career and started making everyone's life much better in Springfield? The life-altering product that changed everyone's mood was medical marijuana. And, the reality is not far from the show. All those edibles and tinctures are incredible for chronic pain as they are great for calming your nerves.

In recent years' marijuana has become a popular choice for pain and inflammation. Scientists have found significant improvement in patients' wellbeing while using THC. Unlike NSAIDs, weeds don't have any significant side effects. There is also some evidence that cannabinoids found in cannabis can treat spinal cord injury.

Our nerve system has some built-in cannabinoid receptors. They are the easiest way to stimulate our nerve system. Thus, marijuana and cannabis extract is pretty useful for treating chronic pain and providing pain relief.

Best Cannabis Strains for Back Pain

You need to choose the right strains for chronic pain first. Several strains can reduce your pain. Some strains are great for nerve damage problems; others are for pain relief.

There is no straightforward answer; what is the right strain for you may not be for someone else. You might need to depend on trial and error methods before getting the perfect weed strain. Some find the Sativa strain better for them, as sativa strains have higher THC in them. Whereas, maybe your answer could be lying in the form of the indica or hybrid strains.

There are several ways to intake medical cannabis for pain. You can get edible forms or use a vaporizer. You can have your way with ingesting medical cannabis. Various strains can help with back pain. These include:


Like the band, this strain can rock your world. It is a Sativa strain that contains high levels of THC and CBD (16-24%). CBD is the nonpsychotic component of marijuana. The high level of CBD and THC makes ACDC a favorite among arthritis patients. It will make you relaxed, energetic, and happy. People with severe back pain found this strain quite useful.

Bubba Kush

It is a hybrid strain. This Indica dominant strain is suitable for back pain. The high level of THC (15-20%) makes the user more relaxed and alert. They are good to use to reduce anxiety and depression and do miracles for chronic pain people.

Northern Lights

One of the purest Indica strains. It has only 5% Sativa in it, and the rest are Indica. It can relax the body and give you a euphoric feeling. Northern Lights strain can act as a sedative to manage anxiety and reduce stress. Its full-body effect is perfect for chronic pain. People with back injuries can use it to significant effect. Though it is prescribed to use at night to get a desirable effect.

OG Kush

Another indica dominant cannabis strain. It has almost 23% THC and 1% CBD in it. The high level of THC ensures the user will be sedated and will get relief from pain and spasm. But, keep in mind, it is one of the potent psychoactive strains of pot.

White Widow

Another potent hybrid strain to improve your mood and gain relaxation upon use. It releases tension and helps with aches and pains. As it is Indica dominant, it has a psychotic effect while the sativa will put your body to rest.

Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush strain is a potent pain reliever. Unlike other strains, Afghan Kush's effects are mostly physical. It contains anti-inflammatory terpenes. So, when it comes to pain relief, Afghan is a fan-favorite. For chronic pain or back injury, it's a match made in heaven. Afghan also can help with relaxation and reduce stress.


Harlequin is a hybrid strain with a high CBD (4%-10%) amount. This sativa dominant cannabis strain is best for arthritis pain. As it has a higher CBD level, it does not have psychotic characteristics. So, you can use it while participating in regular activities. It is a fast-acting pain killer that can have a relaxing effect on you.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a hybrid sativa strain. It can create a euphoria that has a calming effect and is useful for pain relief. Users with chronic back pain found it pretty useful as it doesn't have a sedative effect. What more, it has a sweet flavor similar to berries.

Blackberry Kush

It is an Indica dominant strain that creates couch locking effects. People with back pain can have the desired pain relief through it while feeling happy and euphoric. Many people use it for chronic pain as well as insomnia.


Only someone with chronic pain knows that you will do anything to get relief from it when it hits you. Whether or not you are deciding about taking marijuana strain for pain relief, we hope this article gives you some insight into the best strains for back pain. Please, contact your physician before reaching any final decision. If you have further questions about cannabis for pain-relieving, you can check our other pages about tinctures for chronic pain.

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