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Hemp strain receives U.S. patent! Yay! Charlotte’s Web is well known on the national platform as a high CBD strain and it is known to have helped and still helping many children in the United States and around the world. In fact, this is one of the strains that have become quite famous around the world. The creators of this strain have received their U.S. patent most recently as cultivators of hemp strain.

This seems to be their claim to fame. The documents of this U.S. patent is said to describe the Charlotte’s Web strain (CW2A) as coming from a resilient plant because of its resistant to the cold and its capability of producing as much as 24 percent of CBD level and just 0.27 percent of THC level.

CWB Holdings

The company in question operates from the state of Colorado and known as CWB Holdings. It is owned by the Stanley brothers. They should be proud of this new announcement since they are the first ever to have received U.S. patent for a hemp strain. This is the information shown in the patent filings. Joel Stanley is the CEO of CWB Holdings, which is based in the city of Denver, Colorado. The company went public in 2018 and since then, they have been recognized as a company that is famous for its hemp strain and its capabilities of producing hemp products as well.

Legal Hemp

Since the hemp strain has been patented, it means that it is now legal for the company to grow it, but it has to be under the terms set out by the Farm Bill of 2018. This hemp strain appears to be the perfect source for CBD products derived from hemp. In fact, this is what has been presented to the consumer by so many merchants in the industry that operate across the country.

In fact, CWB Holdings has a famous line of products related to CBD and all are available in every state within the United States. The company’s hemp strain patent seems to be the thing that alerts the country and the industry that this is a landmark move; signaling the company’s intention. It means that the company can now command a share of the CBD market in the country.

Changing Landscape

Even though, there are many investors, consumers and entrepreneurs buying and selling hemp strain and CBD products, the CBD industry was lacking a consistent brand. Now that CWB Holdings has made their mark, things are going to change for so many people.

The spoils from CWB Holdings by entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs could be quite large. According to reports, consumers have already spent billions on CBD products in 2018 before this hemp strain patent and things are only set to get better. Estimates do vary, but it is said that the hemp and CBD market will grow to up to sixteen billion dollars by 2025.

The Category

The hemp strain patent that CWB Holdings received is categorized as a ‘plant patent.’ It was not put in the utility patent category because that would be too broad for a description. When it is put in the plant patent category, it places legal protection on the company’s patent against competitors that may be growing similar hemp strains. Even though, it was placed in such a narrow category, it is still a groundbreaking move for it to be the only and first plant patent for hemp strain in the United States.

Final Summary

CWB Holdings is now poised to climb the top of the ladder in the CBD industry because of recognition of their hemp strain brand and patent. This is certainly a huge accomplishment for the Stanley brothers and the company. Hemp Strain Receives U.S. Patent! Huge news! Yay!

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