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Marijuana grow kits need to be complete rather than something you purchase piece by piece. The truth is that a number of amateur growers might not realize they are missing something until well into their grow.

As we go over A Pot for Pot reviews we show how convenient and simple it is to grow your own cannabis at home. On top of the simplicity of the kits, they also come with a grow guide.

Not everyone has a green thumb. Regardless of your history with plants of any kind, the guide along with the ease of growing with A Pot For Pot will result in a successful marijuana grow.

How Does it Work?

A Pot for a Pot works like this, you choose from different size cannabis grow kits ranging from mini to expansive. Each kit comes with a different size pot depending on what you choose.

All you need to add is sun, water, and seed.

Breakdown of Different Complete Pot Grow Kits

Mini Complete Grow Kit: The mini kit is designed to yield up to an ounce of cannabis. They recommend using auto-flowering seeds in this kit.

Small Complete Grow Kit: This kit is designed to yield up to 4 ounces of cannabis. They recommend using auto-flowering seeds for this kit as well.

Medium Complete Grow Kit: The medium kit is A Pot for Pot's most popular kit. It can yield up to 1 pound of cannabis!

Large Complete Grow Kit: This kit is 35 gallons. They recommend using photo-period (regular) seeds and you can expect a yield of 1 pound or more.

+1 Expansion Grow Kit: This kit is designed to add another pot to your existing grow. Auto-flowering seeds are recommended for this kit.

Each kit comes with everything you need to have a successful cannabis grow. The pots can be placed indoors on a window sill or outside.

An extensive grow guide is important as you do not want to do too little or too much. Cannabis grows great under the right conditions especially if you have seeds with superior genetics.

A fabric smart pot will help a novice grower take on their marijuana plant. Some pots leak far too much while others retain water which can lead to oversaturation.

A seed germination kit can allow you to get your grow started before moving it. You want all of the variables that you can to be controlled when growing any type of plant.

With the A Pot for Pot you no longer have to wonder what the best soil for weed is. Nutrient-dense soil is always a staple of growing cannabis where you want to drive up the yield and potency. A Pot for Pot takes the guess work out of choosing a soil.

1/8th cost up to 50 or 60 dollars at some dispensaries depending on which state that you live in. For $100 you can get around a quarter of an ounce or a bit more. A Pot For Pot can get you 8 ounces which comes out to 64 1/8ths which is an immense amount for $100.

A consumer could smoke an 1/8th per week for over a year or a quarter of an ounce per week for 32 weeks. For those that spend immense amounts on marijuana, this could help keep your cannabis budget under control without decreasing your consumption.

Benefits of Using A Pot For Pot

The guesswork is eliminated when using A Pot For Pot which is very important. People tend to overthink growing cannabis so there is an extensive guide that takes you through each stage of a grow.

You do not have to invest in potentially expensive lighting which is a huge plus. Using the sun is the most cost-effective way to grow cannabis.

Autoflowering strains will produce more of a yield with the more light they are given. A combination of using a grow light and the sun can help maximize yields. Some growers that specialize in autoflowering strains might keep them in light for 18 to 20 hours daily. 24 hours worth of light doesn’t produce much more in terms of yield or potency.

A single pot with a single light will not impact the bill too much unless you have multiple pots going at once. Make sure that your pot is in a location where it can get the maximum amount of sunlight daily.

Saving money is the most attractive part of investing in A Pot For Pot. The ability to generate cannabis in 90 days can allow you to plan for when you will run out. Relying on dispensaries can lead you to spend thousands of dollars per year.

Certain strains have higher yields than others so make sure this is a detail that you note. Amnesia Haze is one of the highest-yielding strains that also packs a punch with a massive THC content.

A Pot For Pot dominates the competition for another great reason. Purchasers will have access to professional growers that they can ask advice from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The specialists can help you with the following things:

  • Ensuring that your grow is set up appropriately.
  • Answer any questions you have about harvesting at the right time.
  • Help you through any stage of the growing process whether it is flowering or the vegetation phase.

Better ways to Learn How to Grow Pot

A far better way to learn how to grow pot is to enroll at Cannabis Training University. Learn how to grow pot indoors and out, whether a small one pot grow, or a thousand commercial plants, CTU can teach you easy stet-by-step methods that turn any level of grower into a seasoned veteran. Learn how to grow cannabis from the pro's at Cannabis Training University. The leading online cannabis college, CTU has taught more than 75,000 cannabis growers worldwide.

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