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Marijuana detox drinks differ in quality and you should invest in one that you can trust. The right marijuana detox drink can allow you to have peace of mind when going in for a drug test. These detox drinks that help you pass a drug test often give you a window where your urine will be clean which can be up to 6 hours.

Most marijuana consumers have been in a spot where they want to make sure they can pass a drug test. The consumer could have stopped their intake weeks ago and still have THC in their system. The truth about THC is that it isn’t harmful to the body’s systems which is why it takes so long to be recycled out of fat, hair, urine, and blood.

Most THC drug tests are going to be urine tests as other methods are more expensive and not viable for a large company interviewing a plethora of people.

Passing the right drug test can be life-changing as getting your dream job could come down to passing the test. This is usually the last thing that an employee needs to do as future employment will be hanging in the balance. Knowing how to pass a drug test is half of the battle.

What Impacts Your System Being Cleared of Marijuana?

Your weight is going to play a huge role as THC metabolites are stored in the fat. A person that has high body fat levels will have a much harder time than a more muscular person that is very active. An elite athlete can clear their system in a few days easily after consuming marijuana one time.

The frequency of use is also going to play a huge role as smoking one time versus daily will lead to higher concentrations of metabolites that cause you to fail. The quality of the marijuana consumed will also play a role as a single dab(depending on its size/potency) of concentrate can equal around a gram of flower.

Best Detox Drinks for Passing a Drug Test

Overall the best detox drinks for passing a THC drug test are:

Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Extreme Detoxification (click for deal)

Nutra Cleanse 10 Day Ultra Detox (click for deal(

Nutra Cleanse Clean Capsules (click for deal)

Nutracleanse Clean Shot (click for deal)

Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit (click for deal)

NutraCleanse comes from a website that has truly stood the test of time as it has been used for multiple decades. PassYourDrugTest.com has become a staple for those wanting to pass their marijuana drug test in a relatively short period of time.

They have a 1 day detox kit called the Fail Safe Kit. This is for heavy to extreme THC exposure. The kit takes effect in 60 minutes. Clean results last for up to 6 hours. The detox kits help you permanently clear your system if you have a test for potential employment.

Pass Your Drug Test has a number of detox products as it differs by the individual. You can fill out a questionnaire on the website and they will recommend the best marijuana detox drink for you.

Test Clear

Test Clear has a number of marijuana detox solutions that include the Test Clear Toxin Rid which has a number of products. These products can be great for people that have different amounts of time until their drug test.

The products are completely natural and include a number of ingredients from herbs to animal products to flush your system of marijuana metabolites.

Not only will this help clear your urine but it also helps clear your blood and saliva. There are a variety of days ranging from 1 day detoxes up to 10 day detoxes. The kits include pills, dietary fiber and a liquid detox. Test clear is not nearly as effective as any product by Nutracleanse .

DIY Methods for a Marijuana Detox Drink

Water and lemon juice when combined can help rid your body of any remaining marijuana toxins. For people that can stomach pure fresh lemon juice, this will likely be more effective. Staying hydrated before the marijuana test is always important as you want your urine to be diluted.

Cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar are both quite effective when it comes to clearing your system as well. Anything that is a diuretic like coffee can be great due to frequent urination. Avoid alcohol though as this will not help you pass an upcoming drug test.

If you feel like you are overhydrated, take a vitamin B complex as this will turn the urine yellow. The urine being completely clear or looking like water is a telltale sign of overhydration.

Sweating and frequent urination can help clear the system. Do not exercise right before your test as THC metabolites could be released from fat cells leading to a positive drug test for marijuana.

A DIY marijuana detox drink can help, but it is far more useful if you pair it with a 10 day detox from Passyourtest.com

The Liquid Stuff One Hour Cleansing Drink

The Liquid Stuff is to be used only on the day that you have the drug test. A few days before the test, you should avoid overhydrating or consuming any toxins. Frequent urination is recommended on the day of the test as long as your urine stays yellow rather than going clear.

The marijuana detox drink is full of roots and other natural ingredients that will help you pass your urine drug test. All of the ingredients can be found so it is possible to recreate this detox drink at home.

A better and much more effective way to pass a drug test than the liquid stuff one hour cleaning drink is to use a 5 day extreme detoxification.

What To Avoid in a Marijuana Detox Drinks

The last thing that you want to do is get caught trying to tamper with a drug test. Synthetic urine might seem like a great idea but depending on the drug test, it could be nearly impossible to pull off. You want a marijuana detox drink that you can use that will help you pass the test without having to stress about dumping synthetic urine into it.

There are a number of other myths about what can be put into the urine cup to help you pass. Bleach is a common one that there have been whispers of although adding a household cleaner could lead to those drug testing to think there were other drugs involved. A false positive is possible which is why there is multiple testing of the same sample in certain drug tests.

The peace of mind that you will get from knowing you have nothing to worry about come drug test time is worth its weight in gold. No more late nights staying up researching how quickly you can get THC out of your system.

Trusting established marijuana detox drinks and websites that have been around is important. You do not want to lose a job or opportunity due to opting for a less reputable marijuana detox drink.


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