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The G6 strain AKA Jet Fuel is one that a number of people truly enjoy. The strain is one that everyone can enjoy but smoking should be done in moderation for smokers without experience.

Lineage Of The G6 Strain

G6 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid of High Country Diesel and Aspen OG. The high is incredible as it can completely turn your mood around. The diesel flavor is no surprise due to the name of the strain being commonly known as Jet Fuel.

High Country Diesel is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is not overly potent. Sedation can be an issue with this strain so make sure you don’t have any plans. The diesel flavor is one that so many smokers seek out when purchasing flower.

Aspen OG will relax you while energizing you simultaneously. The taste is that of berries which is incredibly enjoyable. The strain has been known to be used by medical patients that suffer from pain on a daily basis.

Finding strains that you truly enjoy might take some trial and error. Some people want to be energized while others want to be sedated after smoking.

G6 Weed Strain THC Percentage

G6 has a THC percentage of 19 percent but it has been measured a bit lower at 17 percent. The strain is potent but does not reach the levels of some of the dankest strains available.

Taste And Smell Of The G6 Marijuana Strain

Expect a taste and smell of diesel along with hints of pine. The terps in this strain are Humulene, Pinene, Camphene, Ocimene, and Carene.

Humulene can help a person relax mentally and physically while having a spicy flavor.

Pinene can help consumers decrease stress, anxiety, and even pain.

Camphene is widely used and is used in skincare products regularly.

Carene is the perfect terpene to help a person battle inflammation.

Ocimene tastes like fruit and gives a person a new sense of revitalized energy.

Medical Issues The G6 Pot Strain Can Address

G6 like so many other pot strains can help with medical conditions. The strain can help with the conditions below:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Mood Swings
  • Stress

CBD is prevalent in G6 with around 2 percent which makes it a perfect medical marijuana strain candidate.

What Yield Can I Expect From The G6 Strain?

Outdoor growers can expect over a pound per plant while indoor growers can expect up to 2ozs per square foot.

The yield combined with the potency of this strain makes it quite attractive to grow. The difficulty of growing this strain is where problems arise as it can be a tricky strain to master growing.

Flowering Phase Of The G6 Marijuana Strain

The flowering phase lasts 70 to 77 days. The plants will also be nearly 7 feet tall.

The strain has an amber color along with matching amber hairs although the hairs are not very prevalent. The nugs are going to be small yet dense and have a dark olive color.

Price You Can Expect To Pay For G6

G6 usually costs around $300 per ounce or more which is quite expensive. Picking up an 1/8th will run you around $60.

Seeds For The G6 Weed Strain

SeedFinder and The Seed Depot are reliable seed banks where you can find G6. Receiving these in the mail is illegal but banks send them anyway.

The safer option is to find a nursery or dispensary carrying the seeds. Clones are another great option as this can help reduce the time it takes to harvest.

Final Thoughts On The G6 Strain

G6 or Jet Fuel is a strain that all people that love weed that smells/tastes like diesel. Finding seeds can be tough at some points as people love to grow this strain that have experience. Try this strain before deciding to grow it to see if it is for you.

Growing marijuana takes true skill as some strains are immensely sensitive to the environment they are grown in. With this being said, there are some strains that just need light and water then they truly grow like a weed.

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