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close up of trichomes on cannabis plant, alien cookies
Alien Cookies Strain

The Alien Cookies strain is one that will allow you to blast off into a great high. The strain is best reserved for the end of the day. The potency is quite high so consume with a bit of caution unless you have extensive experience with potent strains.

Below will highlight what you need to know about the Alien Cookies marijuana strain in the famous Cookies family.

Lineage Of The Alien Cookies Strain

Alien Cookies is a hybrid that comes from Alien Dawg and Girl Scout Cookies. Toke on this strain to help you drift off to sleep. The strain takes a while for the effects to hit a consumer so be patient.

Girl Scout Cookies is a juggernaut in terms of potency with nearly 30 percent THC. There are a number of patients that find relief from depression, anxiety, and stress. The Cookies family is one that has a huge following and will continue to well into the future.

Alien Dawg will allow you to turn a bad day into one you enjoy. The THC is up to 20 percent but as low as 14 so nearly anyone can smoke this strain. Reserve this strain for the end of the day as it will lead to sedation, couch-lock, and eventually sleep.

Stocking your medicine cabinet with strains you can use in a variety of situations is wise. You don’t always want to be sedated or given a burst of energy at a specific time of the day.

Yield Of The Alien Cookies Weed Strain

Alien Cookies presents challenges although you can grow it indoors in a tent or outdoors if you have the space with adequate light. Indoors a grower is going to get up to an oz. per square foot. Outdoors you will see around 15 ounces per plant.

Established growers have a routine for creating a soil mixture when they plant outdoors. You want to understand the flowering time so you do not accidentally harvest too early leading to a smaller yield and lower potency.

Flowering Phase Of The Alien Cookies Pot Strain

A grower can expect the flowering phase of Alien Cookies lasts 56 to 70 days. The nugs are bright green with red hairs along with a coating of thick white trichomes.

The Alien Cookies Strain THC Percentage

Alien Cookies sports a range of THC between 21 and 24 percent. The creeping high makes it essential to allow the effects to hit you fully before toking up again.

Taste And Essence Of The Alien Cookies Strain

The essence is very strong which growers need to consider. The flavor is of sweet cream which is from the its parent Girl Scout Cookies. The terps in this strain are Humulene, Sabinene, and Phellandrene.

Humulene can help promote calmness to the point of assisting consumers in falling asleep.

Sabinene has a flavor of mint that is quite appealing to consumers. The terpene has been used as a remedy for an upset stomach in some overseas cultures.

Phellandrene has a sweet flavor of wood, mint, and citrus. You might find that the terpene can help battle bacteria.

Medical Conditions Alien Cookies Can Help

Cannabis is something that has come to the forefront of medicine in states that have legalized medical marijuana. The benefits are vast for some strains so doing research is imperative. Alien Cookies can provide relief for the following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite Loss
  • Muscle Spasms

The CBD content in Alien Cookies is not high enough to treat certain conditions. The beauty of this is that you can supplement CBD into your daily routine seamlessly. Just make sure that you are purchasing CBD products from a reputable vendor to ensure you get what you have paid for.

Final Thoughts On The Alien Cookies Marijuana Strain

Alien Cookies is a strain that you will definitely encounter at some point in the near future. Rooting tends to be a challenge with this strain so keep this in mind if you are an experienced or first-time grower.

Alien Cookies is just another hybrid that is unlike the weed consumers had in the past. What is your favorite Cookies family hybrid that you have tried to this point?

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