Top Vape Pens and Why
Best Vape Pens and Why. Vape pen on grey surface with weed.

Top Vape Pens and Why

So many vape pens are being fine tuned by their vaporizer manufacturers since the market has gotten so overly saturated. Since weed vaporizers or vape pens have been introduced to the cannabis industry, there have been many changes with the stealth, size, flavor and health benefits of the device. When people buy vape pens, they usually look for ones with the best coils, atomizers, color, materials used and much more. Let's take a look at the top vape pens and why they are the best on the market.

Atmos Kiln RA

The Atmos Kiln RA was built with an atomizer and is made of ceramic wax. It was created to help the user to enjoy the best tasting vapor. It gives users a cleaner and smoother smoking experience. Atom Kiln RA has an insane flavor that users will enjoy. This is one of the vape pens that have different features such as low draw resistance, which means that it is easy to inhale. It is cheaper than most vape pens and can be used with wax. It has a price tag of $84.95.

KandyPens ELITE

KandyPens Elite is one of the vape pens that look sleek and luxurious. It is excellent for advanced users and beginners alike. It is in a first class category of its own with elite features that consists of a temperature controlled battery, a quartz atomizer, ceramic atomizer, and four preset heat levels. Both of these coils operate quite outstandingly. The vapor from the quartz atomizer is heavy and strong. The vapor from the ceramic atomizer is more on the softer side so it produces the best flavor. It is easy to use and seems to be one of the best tested vape pens on the market. The price tag is $139.95.

G Pen with Quartz

The G Pen is a much cheaper version of vape pens. It is compact with a quartz atomizer and a decent amount of vapor. The cost is $62.95 when it is on discount. It is a great starter vape pen, especially if it is not used on a regular basis. It comes with a heating chamber made of ceramic wick and stainless steel, which helps users to enjoy a smoother flavor.

V2 Series 3X                                                       

With the V2 Series 3X, users get to use weed, wax and oil. This is an all in one vape pen, which is quite versatile. It comes with a price tag of only $99.99. For an extra $25, you get to add the wax or herb tanks. This is an excellent solution to using vape pens.

Atmos Q3

One of the most powerful vape pens is the Atmos Q3. This pen has a strong and dense vapor and smaller in size. It is agile and features the glass mouthpiece and quartz rod atomizer that helps to heat it up much faster, delivering a potent and rich flavor. The price tag is $74.95.

Dr Dabber Aurora

If you are looking for a slimmer vape pen, then you would choose Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer. It comes with some innovative designs and features that snap in place and voltage battery that is variable in nature. It allows users to separate the atomizers, battery and mouthpiece for cleaning. Instead of using the basic threading technology, it comes with a snap technology for easy maneuvering and user-friendliness. The cost is $99.95.

Source Nail Premium Kit

The Source Nail Premium Kit is one of the more expensive vape pens that come with not just one atomizer, but three, the ceramic, quartz and grade 2 Titanium. For that reason, it is simple and offers a medium temperature, which is a favorite for dab users. The price is $149.95.

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