Top Myths About Heightened CBD in Cannabis

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CBD or cannabidiol is one of the components of the marijuana plant and it is one of the emphasis that medical research places on it. CBD in cannabis has become popular for people who create products for young cannabis patients. CBD in cannabis has received a lot of attention because of its proven effect on patients with seizures and other medical conditions.

While CBD in cannabis is safe to put in products and consume, there are various misconceptions and myths associated with it. We will take a look at some of these myths so you can dismiss them once and for all.


Some believe that CBD is medical and has no psychoactive effect and that THC is only for recreational use. Yes, this is partly true as CBD is not psychoactive, but THC is definitely psychoactive because it alters someone's consciousness. CBD does not have any impact on getting you high, but it does have an effect on consciousness because it does affect anxiety, craving, mood altering and other human reaction. CBD does affect your psyche in ways that you can benefit from and that is why patients with seizure are positively affected as studies have shown. CBD in cannabis is meant to medically alter a specific condition, but it does not impair someone's physical and mental function.

In other words, it is not intoxicating as THC seems to be. People without any type of medical condition can ingest CBD in cannabis; just for social enjoyment. So it is safe to say that CBD is not necessarily the medical aspect of the plant and THC is not necessarily the recreational part of the pant. Both can be used in remarkable ways. In fact, both THC and CBD in cannabis can both be considered recreational and medical. While CBD in cannabis might not be related to craving and euphoria, it has its own rewarding benefits; more in the sense of being therapeutic where it provides a sense of relaxation and focus.

The Sedating Effect

One other myth when it comes to CBD in weed is that it has a sedating effect; as some people might think. Early studies were done and the result was that when CBD is used to make certain products, other ingredients are included and so it might have a sedating effect. However, by itself, CBD does not have a sedating effect. It is the opposite; giving an alerting effect. In fact, CBD in cannabis acts as a counteracting effect to high levels of THC consumption where the user feels sleepy.

If you were to consume high doses of CBD in marijuana, you wouldn't experience a sedating effect in most cases. However, in some cases, it also depends on whether the strain has high levels of myrcene, which is known as a sedating terpene. Many medical cannabis patients indicate that CBD levels that are high might disturb sleep and let them be more alert. However, once they lay down to sleep, the opposite is true.

CBD Is Officially Legal Everywhere

Many people think that CBD in marijuana is legal in all fifty states because they may see it on health food store shelves or online. The fact that it cannot be abused is another reason it is thought not to be illegal. However, if you were to ask the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), they would have a different answer. The DEA does not see CBD in cannabis as a dietary supplement because it is not yet authorized to be lab tested by the FDA.

Final Summary

Now that you have seen some of the misconceptions and myths associated with CBD in marijuana, you may want to look at other misconception associated with the marijuana plant itself. Overall, cannabis has positive benefits to those consuming it. Don't let anyone fool you!

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