Top Benefits of Obtaining a Medical Cannabis Card

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There are many benefits of obtaining a medical cannabis card. There are more states that have legalized recreational marijuana. If you meet the requirements for a medical cannabis card because of having one of the qualifying medical conditions, you might want to know if you still need to get one to smoke weed recreationally.

A patient who has a medical cannabis card reaps the benefits of being able to walk into a marijuana dispensary and purchase weed legally. Having a medical cannabis card also gives you more advantage. You can still have one of these cards without having a terminal illness once a licensed doctor gives a recommendation that you have one of the qualifying medical conditions such as depression or anxiety. If you are considering obtaining a medicinal cannabis card, there are some huge advantages that you should know about. Let's discuss.

Benefits of Obtaining a Medical Cannabis Card

The Savings

The top advantage of owning a medicinal cannabis card is the savings that you enjoy. Each state will usually prioritize your application for a card, if you are a qualifying patient. In fact, you will be able to buy weed at a low cost from your local marijuana dispensary when you have a medicinal cannabis card.

There are so many patients who find it difficult to pay for prescribed medication for their ailments because of lack of insurance or not enough insurance. And so, for that reason, they opt for alternative methods of treatment such as cannabis.

Once qualified for a medical cannabis card, the savings to buy various strains of marijuana will be noticeable. For instance, in the state of Colorado, medical marijuana patients do not have to pay the retail marijuana tax or the excise tax. However, recreational users have to pay it. Alaska, Nevada, Maine and California give tax breaks to its patients too.

Higher Purchase Restrictions

When you have a medical cannabis card, you can purchase more weed at local dispensaries in comparison to the recreational user. There are some states that have marijuana laws, allowing the dispensary to provide patients with giveaways, discounts and gifts, but it depends on the particular circumstances. This is good for military veterans or low income locals who are unable to afford the higher cost.

Higher Quality

Even though, recreational and medical marijuana plants begin with the same growth process, there are some major differences as to who it is grown, cultivated and produced. When marijuana is grown for medicinal purposes, it will tend to be of higher quality than the recreational weed.

One of the main reasons is that medical cannabis goes through much meticulous processes prior to reaching the shelf. Usually, they are grown in a controlled setting where the plants are checked for diseases and pesticides. The final product will be suitable for patient consumption as it relates to medical cannabis. The cannabis will be cleaner and purer for consumption.

Higher Potency

When you think about medicinal cannabis, it makes sense to consume the right dosage. In many cases, the patient might need higher dosages and more potent weed in order to get relief from the medical symptoms.

In most cases, dispensaries that sell recreational weed are limited in the potency of the strains that they sell. In the case of medical cannabis, the opposite is true. For instance, the law in Washington says that the person consuming recreational weed is restricted to just ten milligrams in edibles, but medical patients can have up to twenty five milligrams.

Higher CBD Content

Most medicinal cannabis patients have a preference of not getting too high when on medication. For that reason, they prefer to have less THC and more CBD content in their medication. In comparison, the recreational user will go for higher THC content. It is all a matter of preference and semantics. However, the benefits of obtaining a medical cannabis card is evident.

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