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Let's take a look at the Top Cannabis Dispensaries in Denver. In 2015, the Colorado Department of Revenue noted that the taxes gained via the marijuana industry greatly outweighed that of alcohol taxes by as much as US $28 million. In other words, the alcohol market got pummeled. This showed that the state of Colorado was doing better than other states with recreational marijuana.

It is fair to say that most residents of the state of Colorado have accepted marijuana as a means of increased tax revenue and also for recreational use. In fact, this was one of the seven states that decriminalized weed in the early 1970s. It was not until the year 2000 that it was officially legalized and in the year 2012, recreational use of marijuana was legalized for adults 21 years and over.

The City of Denver

Denver is one of the main cities in Colorado that is taking advantage and earning most of their tax revenue from the cannabis industry. Since 2014, you would be able to find a cannabis dispensary store for every 3,780 Colorado resident. In addition, the ratio of medical cannabis cardholders to Colorado residents was 2.1%. Denver is one of the cities that allows the use of recreational marijuana.

It is one of the tourism cities for marijuana; similar to wine tours in Napa Valley. If you were ever to be in the city of Denver, here are several cannabis dispensaries that are the most popular.

Dank Colorado

Dank Colorado is located on 3835 Elm Street in Denver Colorado. You can expect to get safe cannabis products from this dispensary. The staff are quite knowledgeable about recreational and medical cannabis.

However, this is one of the cannabis dispensaries that specializes in recreational cannabis and strains such as 707 Headband. You are allowed to ask in-depth questions about their cannabis strains and where they come from.

LoDo Wellness Center

The LoDo Wellness Center is one of the finest cannabis dispensaries that you can find in the city of Denver. If you are seeking recreational marijuana, then go on over to LoDo Wellness Center, which is owned, managed and operated by a couple. You may be surprised to know that the former offensive tackle that played football at Baylor University is the dispensary's chief marijuana grower.

If you are new to the 420 marijuana laws, this is the best place to visit for valuable resources. The dispensary is located on 1617 Wazee Street, Suite B, Denver, Colorado.

The Giving Tree of Denver

In 2009, the Giving Tree of Denver opened up their doors to the public. This is one of the cannabis dispensaries in the city of Denver that takes pride in having the largest selection of cannabis edibles. The dispensary also carries other marijuana products in their inventory such as tinctures, massage oils, sprays, vape cartridges, shatter concentrates, lotions, hash oil and salves; just to name a few.

They also have a membership program that offers members frequent discounts, especially veterans, cancer and HIV/AIDs patients and students. The dispensary is located on 2707 West 38th Avenue, Denver, Colorado.

Green Man Cannabis

In 2014, Green Man Cannabis has won the “High Times Best Colorado Sativa Flower.” In addition, in 2015, this is dispensary also won an award for the “Ghost Train Haze” cannabis strain.

They also got a top prize for having the best indica strain, “Louie OG.” The dispensary is located on 7289 East Hampden Avenue, Denver, Colorado.

Starbuds Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

Starbuds Medical has six locations in the city of Denver and close by. It is one of the cannabis dispensaries that has invested millions of dollars into its business, growing and cultivating its own cannabis products without any third party help.

They go all out to make sure that customers have a wide selection of special cannabis strains. The dispensary is located on 4690 Brighton Boulevard, Denver, Colorado.

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