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Cannabis consumption can happen in more ways than one. To consume cannabis, you can opt to do so in any way that you choose, but in ways that are right for you. The movement of medical marijuana is growing rapidly and for that reason, there are different methods being developed to consume cannabis. Of course, these developments have their own negatives and positives. If we were to look at the positive side, we could highlight the therapeutic potential associated with the marijuana plant. On the negative side, not everyone is able to instantly determine which cannabis consumption method is right for them and so they end up experimenting until they find the right one. It is time to discover the top ways to consume cannabis and still enjoy that intense experience of feeling high. These methods are not for everyone, but most of them are

Smoking Weed

Most people consume cannabis by smoking. When people consider cannabis consumption, many think that the only way to do is through a pipe, blunt, bong, or joint. Smoking cannabis is the most popular way, but may not be the healthiest. When cannabis is inhaled, most of the cannabinoids go through your lungs before going into the blood stream.

Vaporizing Marijuana

While you can consume cannabis through smoking, there are other ways to do so and that is through vaporization. Using a vaporizer puts less pressure on the lungs because it is so easy to inhale. Some of these vaporizers are portable and others are stationary. As it depends on your health, many studies have compared both the use of vaporizing and smoking. The studies showed that vaporizing has many advantages such as the efficiency in cannabinoid extraction, in addition to a reduction of toxic components such as tar and carbon monoxide.

Cannabis-Infused Edibles

You can also consume cannabis through edibles, which are products infused with marijuana. One thing to note though is that when edibles are eaten, it goes directly into the blood stream in approximately half an hour to an hour after consumption. The edible is broken down while in the stomach and then travels to the intestines where it is absorbed. Edibles come in various forms such as candy, brownies, cookies, snacks, chocolate bars, beverages and more.

Cannabis Juice

Cannabis has similar nutrients as other leafy vegetables. Some of the nutrients include calcium, iron and fiber. Of course, it does contain cannabinoids, which are distinct to the marijuana plant. For this reason, juicing cannabis can be nutritious, but it can also be quite potent as a medicine without emission of the psychoactive elements that is found upon heating the marijuana plant. When cannabis is juiced, there is a high concentration of fatty acids and acids from the cannabinoids. This helps to improve the functioning of the cell and reducing any damage that is caused by free radicals. One thing to note is that the nutritional value is lost when cannabis is heated.

Topical Cannabis

Cannabinoids are similar to the active ingredients that are found in pharmaceutical drugs and so, it has the potential for absorption through the skin. The cannabis products that are made with this potential are usually known as topical cannabis. While this cannot be consumed by ingestion, topical creams are also effective for certain ailments. These cannabis products come in various forms such as balms, patches and creams.

Sublingual Delivery

You can consume cannabis sublingual. There are various cannabis products being created for such a purpose. Cancer patients use extracted cannabis oil as a means to treat their illness. The cannabis oil is put under the tongue so that the cannabinoids go directly into the blood stream and inside the sublingual cavity. This method is mostly used by people with chronic illnesses, but if you don't like smoking, this is the ideal way to absorb the cannabinoids.

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