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There are various cannabis lawyers in the industry. Every industry and business owner needs a specific legal assistance at some point during the years of doing business. In the cannabis industry, it is no different. In fact, you may also need insurance and other services that affect the cannabis business. Let's look at some of the best lawyers and other businesses that you probably need to keep in your rolodex.

Ganja Law, PLLC

Ganja Law, PLLC has been the one stop shop for legal defense and expertise. These cannabis lawyers handle all legal aspect of the cannabis business, from the point when the seed goes into the soil up until the cannabis harvest is sold. The law firm has extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry. If you need legal help with issues related to compliance, licensing, business law, criminal defense, MED consulting, contracts and investments, then Ganja Law, PPLC is the firm to help you.

Moriconi Flowers Ltd.

Moriconi Flowers Ltd has dedicated its law firm and cannabis lawyers to providing legal expertise to individuals doing business commercially in the medical cannabis industry and hemp market existing nationally and internationally. The firm offers services related to transactional debt instruments, commercial law, and insurance coverage. .

THC Legal Group

If you own a cannabis business and need to be covered in case of legal issues, then the THC Legal Group is the law firm to have on your side for security and safety. The firm acts as counselors, consultants and advisers, working proactively on your behalf to anticipate issues prior to them arising. Also, to lessen the impact of problems before they happen.

Cottens & Carp Law Offices

If you are a cannabis business owner, you are going to need a law firm like Cottens and Carp, LLC to help with compliance forms for your legal safety and protection. The law firm with its cannabis lawyers specifically work with companies that are in the medical marijuana industry. Compliance forms are essential to maintaining the laws established for the marijuana dispensaries and caregivers.

Canna Law Group

The Canna Law Group is a law firm that provides advice to cannabis business owners as it relates to application planning and obtaining a medical marijuana license to process, grow and retail marijuana in the states of Illinois and Washington. The firm also assists clients in managing and properly forming their marijuana businesses.

Brooke Law Group

Brooke Law Group offers full legal service in litigating issues for commercially owned cannabis business owners. The law firm also offers services such as employer defense, product liability, business conversions, corporate counsel and investment advice.

Andreone Law

Andreone Law is located in Kansas City and is categorized as a boutique law firm, specializing in every facet of commercial and business law. This includes regulatory compliance, business structure and issues related to employment law. The owner of the law firm is Peter Andreone who has license to practice in the states of Kansas, Maryland and Missouri. The law firm is positioned to take on legal matters related to the cannabis industry.

Business Advocate Law PLLC

Business Advocate Law PLLC has an office in the city of Seattle, but also additional locations in Bothell and Bellevue. This law firm provides business and legal services to multiple regulated industries. This includes complying, planning and forming businesses for the cannabis industry and alcohol distilling industry.

Balmer Black, PC

Balmer Black, PC is located in downtown Manhattan and is also a boutique law firm, representing non-profit organizations, startup companies, cannabis business owners, entertainment professionals and sole individuals. The firm takes pride in its professionalism and integrity.

Cannabis Law and Business

The Cannabis Law and Business firm is a legal advocate for cannabis growers, caregivers, transporters, marijuana dispensaries, educators and approved physicians. The firm counsels edible packagers and processors in matters that apply to the law.

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