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For people smoking for the first time, it is not mandatory to do it the traditional way. A marijuana joint does not have to be the only way to consume marijuana. E-liquid vape pens are becoming quite popular and are now being used by many recreational marijuana users. If you want to simplify the way you consume marijuana, then try the E-liquid vape pens. There are many of them on the cannabis market these days. Finding the ideal brand may take you a while, if you don't know what you are looking for. As time goes by, the newer E-liquid vape pens become more improved where you can do comparison shopping to get the one that best suit you. If you are looking for a good vape pen that offers high performance without having the bells and whistles, then let us take a closer look.

Aspire CF-VV+

Check out the Aspire CF-VV+  E-liquid vape pens that are larger in size than the traditional vape pens. It has even more battery life than the older ones. It also comes with features that can be adjusted easily. This is one of the best E-liquid vape pens on the market. The exterior is made of carbon fiber and a flat button to press for use. You can adjust the voltage to up to 4.8V using the bottom dial. You will gt 1000mAh capacity out of the battery, giving you a whole day's use before you have to charge it again.  It comes with a capacity tank, wall adapter, and charging cable in a kit for a cost below $80.

Kanger Evod VV

Kanger Evod VV is one of the E-liquid vape pens that have many similarities to the Aspire CF-VV+. The voltage on this device is variable, which means you can use the dial at the bottom to adjust the temperature. It also comes with a 1000mAh battery. It is a somewhat on the cheaper side at only $18.95 each. Some vendors sell this even cheaper. The voltage can go up to 4.8 volts in increments of 0.4V. This allows the user to be in control of the settings, maintaining the vape pen for a longer period of time.

Innokin Endura T18

 Innokin Endura is also one of the E-liquid vape pens on the cannabis market with box mods to give it optimum performance. The power output and battery capacity, though, are lower than some of the others. Even with this small deficiency, this vape pen has so much to offer the user. It is simple to operate because of its single button and sleek design for easy portability. The device comes in a kit with a charger. The tank can be filled from the top and has enough space for refilling.

Apollo Ohm Go

Apollo Ohm Go is another of those E-liquid vape pens that has been on the market for a bit. It pushes out a lot of power up to 50W, especially when it is combined with the right kind of coil. It is easy to adjust. If you are looking for a simple smoking experience, then the Apollo Ohm Go is the perfect option for you. The capacity of the batter is 1900mAh, which means it is definitely power packed. The cost is only $19.95. It is the perfect starter vape pen for the novice user and the veteran alike.

If you want an option that has more than just the capability offered by the E-liquid vape pens, then the V2Pro Series is definitely, the best on the market. However, there are other options that stand out for the person looking for a better experience. You can be certain that you will find something that works for you.

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