Top Suggestions For Hosting Pot Smoking Parties

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Marijuana has long been used to feel a buzz and relax. It also has been used at social functions such as pot smoking parties. This happened in the past, even before marijuana was legalized. However, until most recently, pot smoking celebrations did not receive as much attention. As people begin to embrace marijuana and since it has become legal in more states, pot smoking parties have become more popular.

The days of hiding in the bedroom upstairs and going in a back alley to smoke pot is no longer the embarrassment that it was in the past. In addition, with the advent of pot smoking apparatuses like glass bongs and vape pens, more people are taking up the habit than in the past. If you plan on throwing a pot smoking party, then follow these top recommendations of how to host one.

Method of Delivery

Remember that not all individuals love to smoke pot. However, some people will opt for cannabis edibles instead. So make sure that you have this option available at your pot smoking party. Bake cannabis cookies or cakes, adding it to your finger food selection. Be sure to cut in small pieces because edibles have to be ingested in moderation or it can cause paranoia and possible nausea for the user. Otherwise, be sure to have glass bongs and vape pens for pot smokers.

Smoking Weed

Some of your guests will prefer to smoke a joint, vape pen or glass bong. This is a personal choice. If any of your guests has their own pot smoking equipment, advise each to bring with them. Add hash oil and several marijuana strains to your pot smoking inventory. Purchase incense, light them and place in each room to give your home a nice smell. Why? Well, weed has a strong smell and you want to keep out ‘nosy' neighborhood curiosity.

Vape Pens

Vaping is one of the most trendiest option for those health-conscious pot smokers. This is true for individuals that do not like the harshness of smoking several marijuana strains. You can use your pot smoking party to sell vape pens. Yes, make some money while you are it. Why not, right? Vape pens give a refined smoke and reduces coughing during smoke inhalation.

Marijuana Edibles

Let's talk some more about marijuana edibles. These can be quite tasty and your guests may find it so appealing that they will want to eat more, increasing their THC level and causing over-indulgence. You don't want to have your guests vomiting and being nauseous. Your pot smoking party is supposed to be fun, festive and enjoyable. Choose your marijuana strains wisely when you are preparing cannabis. Try to purchase strains with more CBD than THC.

Cannabis Strains

Remember that not all strains are created equal. You can choose between the sativa, indica and hybrid strains. However, it is best to have them all on hand since everyone has their own preference.  Lay out your strains on a board or tray and label them. This will give your guests a better idea of what you have available. This is also helpful to people who want to try new flavors. Be sure that your cannabis strains are fresh and pungent.

Designated Area

Set up everything in a corner of your home, inside a den or in the living room. Make sure you have comfortable seating for your guests. Place a few grinders, ashtrays and lighters as a courtesy to your guests.

The Etiquette

Encourage etiquette and courteousness. Make it clear to all your guests. Sharing with each other is a choice, but if you are sharing a joint, don't take more puffs than others. Take a few puffs and pass it around. Respect each other's space and feelings. There are some people that just want to meditate while smoking pot. If you are a talker, be mindful of this. Last, but not least, pay attention to the setting and fit in. Pot smoking parties can be fun, if planned and done right.

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