Top Cannabis Edibles With Colorado Winter Themes

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There are quite a few companies that make cannabis edibles, but few make them specifically with winter themes. And you don't have to wait a whole year to sample the top cannabis edibles with Colorado winter themes. They are made all year round specifically for those with a sweet tooth. Below are the most popular ones to enjoy, whether there is snow or sun.

Bhang Cherries and Cream Chocolate Bar

Bhang sells cherries and cream chocolate bars. In fact, they won an award at the World Cannabis Cup for Edibles in 2015. Bhang uses Venezuelan cacao to make their cannabis edibles. They also use a combination of gourmet cherries to make their award winning chocolate bar, which has a THC level of 180 mg. Just FYI: Bhang was the Hindi word used in India in 2000 BCE to describe cannabis edibles.

Blue Kudu Polar Caps

Blue Kudu is a company in Colorado that makes dark chocolate bars with a ‘Polar Cap' theme. They always run out of bars, so it is good to get yours before the supply is sold out, which is usually quick. The bars are layered with dark chocolate, except the base, which is layered with white chocolate. It is also coated with peppermint pieces right smack in the middle. The chocolate is created using a five generation family recipe. The bar contains THC level of 100 mg. You shouldn't have all of that at once. So, it can be broken into 10 mg pieces.

Cheeba Chews Hybrid Caramel

Cheeba Chews makes hybrid caramel edibles, which are easy to carry around, even in your pocket. You can eat it while on the go. This is one of those cannabis edibles that have a THC level of 10 mg. You will get eight of them in the box. This product is tested before placed on the market. The company tests the oil, flower and the actual edible itself.

Coda Hot Chocolate

Coda Signature makes hot chocolate sticks that have a THC level of 10 mg. They are sold in packs and with or without marshmallows. When you buy your Coda sticks and take it home, heat it up using water or milk. Then you put the stick in until everything is dissolved.

Dixie Peppermint Dark Chocolate

Dixie makes and sells peppermint dark chocolate bar. This is one of the cannabis edibles that are available through the holiday seasons especially Christmas. This cannabis product contains seventy percent of dark chocolate. The marijuana used is free of pesticide and it is made with natural peppermint oil. The THC level is 100 mg. So make sure you eat wisely.

Sweet Grass Kitchen Snickerdoodle

Sweet Grass makes cannabis infused products and won its first award in 2015. The company cultivates their weed in-house for quality and flavor. Each of its baked goods contains a THC level of 10 mg.

Incredibles Winter Mint

Incredibles is a marijuana company that sells winter mints. It is made with white chocolate and peppermint. It is a seasonal cannabis product. You can eat it curled up on a winter night with your family. This bar has a THC level of 100 mg.

Love's Oven Ginger Snap Cookies

Love's Oven sells cannabis edibles using organic ingredients. Their ginger snap cookies are to die for.  The cookies consist of a THC level of 10 mg. They are simple irresistible, especially during the Christmas season.

Medibles Candy Cane

Medibles is another Colorado company that sells cannabis edibles. Their candy cane product is made with white chocolate shaped like snowflakes or a cane. There is a THC level of 60 mg.

Wana Brands Salted Caramels and Hot Cocoa

Wana Brands sells cannabis edibles such as hot cocoa and salted caramels. Their products are for both medicinal and recreational use. Each product contains up to 100 mg THC level. These products are delicious and ideal for the holiday season!

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