Best CBD Facts You May Not Have Known

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Here are some of the best CBD facts you may not have known. CBD is one of the compounds that you find in the marijuana plant. There are some CBD facts that you might not yet know about. It is really not as complicated as you think.

First of all, CBD comes from the term cannabidiol, which is one of the eighty five compounds that are unique to the marijuana plant. It is grouped under the category of cannabinoids. THC and CBD are the most popular cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. For that reason, they have been used for many scientific studies. And those are the basic CBD facts that most people are aware of. One of the CBD facts that everyone should be aware of is that it cannot get you high like THC does.

The Popularity

CBD oil is one of the most prevalent products, even though, there are other forms of CBD such as the tincture, patch and cream. None of these can get you high. You get high from consuming low or high levels of THC. THC is known to bind to CB1 and CB2 nerve receptors located in the brain.

However, CBD is the opposite. There is no binding that occurs. The facts are clear about this. CBD results in therapeutic actions in an indirect way. CBD does not cause any type of intoxication and that is why parents use it as treatment for kids who suffer from seizures related to epilepsy or other neurological conditions. It provides mental clarity and improves health conditions; no matter the form in which it is used and no matter the seriousness of the person's health condition. It has no side effects and that is one of the CBD facts that make it so popular.

Nowadays there is CBD oil for sale everywhere. It is extremely convienent to purchase, especially online and there are so many options. Because it is not FDA approved it is important you do your research on each brand.

Industrial Hemp

If you consume the oil that comes from hemp, it is considered legal because it comes from an industrial plant. When CBD comes from the industrial hemp plant, it has less than three percent THC content and for that reason, it is not considered illegal. You can buy products made from it in any dispensary across the nation. So, you can take natural supplements without having to be concerned about any legal issues. Plants produce phytocannabinoids naturally.

The CB1 Receptor

Everyone naturally produces endocannabinoids in their bodies. Anandamide is a form of endocannabinoid and its molecule is known to activate the CB1 receptor. Activation of the CB1 receptor is important and has a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits are the relief of depression, the lowering of inflammation in the intestine, the increase in myelin formation, decrease of leaky gut syndrome, reduction of high blood pressure, reduction of anxiety, increase in levels of BDNF, reduction of paranoia and fear, and the lowering of prolactin.

Anandamide is broken down by the FAAH enzyme found in the body and CBD is known as a FAAH inhibitor, which means the body makes more anandamide accessible to the CB1 receptor. It has been proven that anandamide helps to stop the spreading of breast cancer cells, the promotion of anxiety and the effects of antidepressant as well as the increase of neurogenisis. It helps post traumatic stress disorder patients to improve their memory.

Final Summary

One more of the CBD facts that you should know about is its role in helping to improve the health of people suffering from fibromyalgia, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, motion sickness, Huntington's disease and autism; just to name a few. Most of these medical conditions are treated using a wide range of medication that have several side effects and that is why more people are reaching for products like CBD oil.

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