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Many marijuana growers use nutrients to make sure that they have a healthy harvest. Cannabis nutrients are essential to bigger buds and better harvest. However, you have to be careful how you use and apply because it could do more bad than it does well. You don't want to overdo it at any time. The chemical compounds that most plants need in order to live and thrive are usually found in the soil, air and water.

The cannabis nutrients are only an extra means of feeding your plants. As time goes on, there are a variety of formulas and mixes being made to be used on plants. Many people won't hesitate in spending their money on the most advanced formulas and mixes when it comes to marijuana nutrients. However, there is absolutely not much guarantee that you will get good results. In some cases, it might make matters worse, if you are not careful. The real deal is whether the marijuana nutrients that you use are any good for your cannabis plants. You also need to know how much nutrients to use so you can have healthy marijuana plants.

The Nutrition

Marijuana plants thrive better when they receive nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. It consists of the NPK essential elements for healthy growth. In the mix of growing weed, these elements do not stand alone, but are combined with additional complex molecules absorbed by the plants. Most organic fertilizers, for example consists of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. The easiest and simplest method of cultivating weed is to grow in soil as it can be forgiving, if you were to make mistakes by adding too much. It acts as a buffer for the root system and the chemical elements. There are some marijuana growers who pump cannabis nutrients into the plants, but don't realize the harm that they are cuasing. Other growers use fertilizers at a minimum.

The Stages

Each of the stages of the life of your marijuana plants requires different nutrients. If you are using rich soil to grow your weed, you don't need any additional marijuana nutrients during the seedling period. All of you have to do is to ensure that your pots are sufficiently large to provide the plants humidity and room for your roots to freely grow. If you are going to use an artificial medium to grow your plants, then you will not have any natural cannabis nutrients to start off with. And so you can use nutrients for the seedling and roots. If you choose to use a root booster, you should know that it does contain bacteria, enzymes and other healthy growth elements. Marijuana nutrients used to grow seedlings often contain the right percentage; enough to foster healthy growth. However, as a grower, you still need to pay attention to how you apply the nutrients.

The Different Stages

During the vegetative phase, if you fed your plants with certain marijuana nutrients, it will glean a noticeable nutritional effect. If it consists of fertilizer, you should make sure that you reduce the dose before applying it to your plants. If the dose is too strong, it won't be good for your marijuana plants. During the vegetative state of growth, your plants must get enough potassium and nitrogen, but only a reduced amount of phosphorous.  The basic rule is for the plant to receive half of the nitrogen and one third of the potassium. During the flowering stages, the nitrogen level has to be lower and the phosphorous level has to be increased while maintaining the same potassium level that was used during the vegetative stage. It is evident that if you want your plants to flourish, you should give them the right marijuana nutrients.

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