Top Marijuana Grow Tents
Black Cannabis Grow Tent

Top Marijuana Grow Tents

If you are in the process of growing marijuana, there are some specific things that you need to know and there are special equipment that will make you have a better harvest. You have three primary options of where you would grow your marijuana plants. One of those ideas is in marijuana grow tents. Do you own or lease land? You might want to consider growing cannabis on the outside since the sun is an excellent source of lighting, especially natural light.

If you decide to grow marijuana indoors, it takes a little longer for a harvest because you will be using artificial lighting and not sunlight. If your house has enough space for your marijuana grow area, then you can designate some place in your house for the growing phase. You will be able to customize your lighting and determine the size of your cannabis garden. However, marijuana grow tents will make it even easier. These are sold in the cannabis marketplace at a reasonable cost.

Apollo Horticulture Grow Tents

Apollo Horticulture sells a wide range of marijuana grow tents that cater to business owners that operate a hydroponic system. The company manufactures grow tents that are of the highest quality. They also sell inline fans, lighting and other accessories such as hash bags, pumps and heating mats. The company has been in business for years and has earned a reputation of providing the best hydro products. Their marijuana grow tents are durable and tear proof. You can expect to pay between $79.99 and $199.99 for one. Free shipping is available, depending on which size you purchase. You won't need any tools for installation.

Milliard Grow Tents

The Milliard Grow Tents are well made with innovative features. In the most recent years, the company's marijuana grow tents have been redesigned in lieu of customer's feedback. The new features include push lock connectors, double zipper flaps and ducting closures, metal rings and metal framing. There are no tools necessary. To avoid light exposure, the tents also come with double enforced seams. Expect to pay about $63.99 or $83.99 for one.

G-Leaf Diamond Series Grow Tents

One of the top marijuana grow tents is sold by G-Lead Diamond Series. This company also caters to the hydroponic market. These tents are durable and rugged to last for a long time. On the inside is additional reflective mylar to improve the lighting and on the outside is a polyester canvas. There is a heavy duty metal zipper and plastic windows, which allows you to look through from outside instead of opening up the zipper. The tent cost between $49.99 and $188.26. Free shipping is available depending on the actual size of tent. Assembling is necessary, but this only takes a few minutes and comes with instructions.

Best Choice Grow Tents

Best Choice Products is a company that provides some of the best marijuana grow tents. This one is for the individual who are just starting out as marijuana growers. You should not expect this tent to be flashy and of course, you will play a little less than you would for marijuana grow tents from other competitors. However, you will still be able to use the functional features. On the inside is a reflective mylar to improve lighting and on the outside, the tent is made of polyester material. These particular tents help to seal the heat and with their outlets, you can construct ventilation ducts to dissolve heat from the lighting, if you need to. This tent is easy to clean since it comes with a detachable floor tray, which is made from PVC. Price is between $63 and $188.

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