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Washington is known as the “Evergreen State.” This state is one that has legalized marijuana and is doing well as it pertains to increased profits. There are more pot companies coming onboard and making their impact in the cannabis industry. Over the most recent years, our staff went to some of the weed shops located in Washington and we were able to gather clear cut information of these pot companies from the staff that was happy to speak to us. We were able to sample some of the best concentrates, edibles and quality flower, some of which we were told are customer's favorites. For this reason, we were able to put together a list of the best pot companies in the state of Washington. Let us take a closer look at them.

Gold Leaf & Polar Icetracts 

The Gold Leaf & Polar Icetracts is one of the best pot companies as it relates to organic and certified concentrates and flower. Gold Leaf & Polar Icetracts is definitely one to do business with and that is why they made our list. If we were to rate their concentrates and marijuana strains, we would give them a 5 or 6 star. This is well deserved and so you can feel confident to shop with this company. They have become industry leaders for creating eco-friendly products that will benefit the environment. The company has partnered with other brands for an exclusive elite product line. Be sure to look out for other products that will hit the market soon

Artizen Cannabis

Artizen Cannabis is also one of the best pot companies in the state of Washington. The company sells the Dutchberry strain, which is one of the high quality recreational marijuana strains of all time. In fact, the Dutchberry strain won a people's choice award in 2016 known as the Dope Cup Award.  What is most impressive with this marijuana strains provided by Artizen Cannabis is the experience the user has. The Dutchberry flower has a delicious aroma and its flower is dense and buds have a lot of trichomes and kief, in addition to a nice flavor that would remind you of Starburst candy. It is probably better than the pine and citrus flavored marijuana.

Honu Inc.

The Honu Inc. is one of the top pot companies in the state of Washington. The company has earned its reputation as being good at creating edibles. Check out the chocolate turtles and coconut snowballs in their inventory. It is one of their most favorite among consumers. Their peanut butter squares and milk chocolate are also good for people how love peanut butter. The coconut snowball product won an award in 2016 from the Dope Magazine.

GaGa Cannabis Company

Also making the list of top pot companies is the Gaga Cannabis Company run by a private chef that worked for Taylor Swift and Katy Perry in the past. If you love edibles, then this is the company to buy from. Check out their peanut butter cups and delicious candies. Their products are packaged attractively and so you will definitely want to buy one or the other when you see them. Their pure shatter products are quite potent, testing up to 90% THCA and THC.

Western Cultured

The Western Culture company has two of the best sativa and indica strains on the market namely Nine Pound Hammer and Seatown Lemon Haze. Sealed with nitrogen, their flower is packaged in packs, which are color coded. For that reason, you can differentiate from one cannabis product to the next. They sell high quality cannabis product with medium potency of up to 30%

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