Misconceptions About Cannabis Cultivation

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There are several top misconceptions as it relates to cannabis cultivation. These are some of the things that you need to be aware of, especially if you are a grower. Let’s just make one thing clear though: It is easy to grow weed. There are no special tricks, but you just have to know which methods to use. Once you can master it, you will be OK. If you are a novice, it is best to start with a small cannabis garden where you put the seed into the soil and hope for the best results. Don’t be put off by any intimidation that you may experience because someone told you cannabis cultivation is hard. This is one of the misconceptions to look out for. Let us take a look at some of the other misconceptions to expect. 

The Money

One of the many misconceptions is that it takes a whole lot of money to get involved in cannabis cultivation. This is not true. It is important to note, though that when cannabis cultivation is done indoors, it can be quite expensive in comparison to growing weed outdoors. One of the main reasons is that you need equipment for cannabis cultivation indoors. And the equipment is the most expensive item.

If you grow weed as a hobby, then you should only be producing one or two marijuana plants. In that case, you can purchase starter packs. The starter packs include grow light; very small grow tent and other essentials. To buy one of these starter kits is still much cheaper than purchasing it from a dealer. With a starter kit, you only need water, soil, seeds and your time. If you are thinking about cannabis cultivation outdoors, just choose a nice little spot in your hard. Nature will take care of the rest once you do the feeding and watering. 

The Green Thumb

One of the misconceptions of cannabis cultivation is that you must have a green thumb for a good yield and that too is not true. Yes, if you have a green thumb, it will help, but it is not mandatory to obtain the best results. If you are not the kind of grower that pays attention to your plants, it might still produce a decent yield because of how resilient certain strains are. However, it is still important to give your plants some TLC and in so doing, you will soon develop your growing skills. Cannabis cultivation should be fun and that is how you will grow happy plants. Before you know it, you could become a master grower. 

The Genetics

As a grower, skills are important, but you need more than skills alone. However, genetics does play a large part of it. All seeds have genetic limitations and once the threshold is hit, there is no additional skill or TLC that will do the trick to enhance it.  If the genetics are inferior, you may be wasting your time trying to get something out of nothing. If the genetics is good, then you will have quality harvest. 

The Beginner

If you are a beginner, then you should consider ‘bagseed,’ which is a random collection of marijuana seeds found in the plant’s bud. One of the reasons why they are called ‘bagseed’ is because they are considered to be disposable. And so, when the beginner is learning about cannabis cultivation, these are used as a viable tool. But, it is important to note that they are quite inferior and so the growth pattern will be poor. 

Final Summary

Last, but not least, some people thing that when you add fruit juice to cannabis cultivation, it enhances the flavor of the flowers during harvest. But, please do not add any fruit juice to your plants. It will definitely kill them. It is better to use water mixture with natural extract, which could be either vanilla essence or lime juice. Cannabis cultivation is for anyone to attempt, but, never listen to any of the silly myths and misconceptions. Do your research. 

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