Top Attributes to Become a Successful Marijuana Grower

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Ever wonder some of the top attributes to become a successful marijuana grower? There are some cannabis cultivators that have made tons of profits from growing and selling weed legally and in the process, they have had a lot of fun doing so. One major question is, does a marijuana grower have what it takes for wealth in the cannabis industry? Not everyone knows how to grow weed. You have to know what you are doing in order to operate a successful cannabis growing business.

Michael Straumietis who is the owner of Advanced Nutrients, which is a hydroponics nutrient establishment, has been a marijuana grower successfully for years. So he is the marijuana grower to watch, if you want to consider success in the business. So, this marijuana grower was interviewed and here are some of the top attributes he indicates other growers should have if they want to be successful.

The Desire

Michael Straumietis is from a middle class family from the Midwest. His father died when he was really young and so he had to be the man of the house to cover for his missing dad. At least, that is what he thought. And so, he started his first business at the age of twelve when he sold silk flowers. This was more than a desire. It was almost mandatory in his case, but the first thing you need in other normal circumstances is the desire. As he got older, he thought why not grow his own flowers instead of selling those artificial flowers. So growing became his ticket to leading a successful business as a marijuana grower. It became his desire.

Adventure and Not Recklessness

As a marijuana grower, you want to become adventurous, but you don't want to show any signs of recklessness. Straumietis indicates that cannabis growers take the most risks and are the most adventurous. Of course, marijuana legalization makes it much easier, but there are still nerves because the marijuana grower does not know the outcome of the harvest, even when certain steps are followed. One of the characteristics of successful people is taking risks, but doing so with some caution, walking a fine line by not talking too much about your grow operation, but keeping things on the down low.

Care and Nurture

You have to be a nurturing and caring person if you want to be a successful marijuana grower. All marijuana plants need tender loving care to grow healthy. You don't have to be an experienced gardener, but you should love to take care of your plants and continue to learn different ways to do so. You must have a certain level of concern and care about your cannabis plants, paying the closest attention to them every day.

In addition, you should enjoy doing so. This is important because many marijuana growers experience disaster in the grow room because of not paying attention or showing care for the marijuana plants. It is important to carve out quality time to spend with the marijuana plants. Treat them as if they are children. Check for mildew, spider mites, mold, low pH level or aphids. With a caring attitude, you will be rewarded with a good harvest.

Stay Focused and Knowledgeable

You should always remain focused on what you have to do to make sure you get the best harvest, even if it means buying horticulture books to learn more or even taking the online certification program offered by the Cannabis Training University. Learn about how to grow weed indoors and outdoors. Check out the different nutrients and soil that work best for marijuana plants.

Stay Organized

As long as you stay organized, your marijuana crop will show the successful results. For example, if you are growing weed using a hydroponic system, make sure that all your nutrient bottles are organized and labeled and placed on shelves for easy access. Follow these directives in order to become a successful marijuana grower.

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