Top Companies That Started Their Marijuana Business On A Budget

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Let's look at some companies that started their marijuana business on a budget. When you stay on the outside and look in, it appears as if you won't be one of those lucky people who got into the marijuana business because you were either too late to have found it while it was on the ground floor or you just were not interested.

There are many businesses that started on a dime and today, they are very successful and not all of them are in the cannabis industry.

This is a long winded industry and you have to be made of toughness and resilience in order to survive and succeed.

We have scouted the nation and the Internet and found some of the top companies that begun their marijuana business on a strict budget. Normally, it takes more than $100,000 to start a marijuana business, but these companies did it for $50,000 and less.

If you were to ask these business owners, they would tell you that you can definitely do it too. Let's see what special ingredient they had!


John woodbine and Peter Calfee are the marijuana business owners of GoFire. Their focus was to create the ideal vaporizer that delivered accurate doses. As the company evolved, they added GoFire Suite, which offers medical data about how cannabis should be consumed in doses at particular times of the day. Physicians use the data to offer health advice to their patients.

The cost to start this marijuana business was only $200. It all started in 2014 when Woodbine got a job at a local dispensary. Calfee was into Information Technology, but he was also passionate about alternative medicine and was already doing some consulting work related to this.

The two discussed how they could put their skills and passion together and that is who GoFire was born.

Fruit Slabs

Brian Cona and Roxanne Dennant are the creators and founders of Fruit Slabs. Their concept is genius and you can tell that they are creative and imaginative and think like kids because their cannabis product is similar ot chewy fruit leather snacks, but these are not to be eaten by kids because they contain 100ml of THC content.

The owners of this marijuana business made sure that they used fully certified USDA organic ingredients to make the products.

These come in four different flavors including Mango Maui Wowie, Pride Passion Fruit and Grape Ape. The company stated their marijuana business for less than a thousand dollars. They used that start up money to buy materials and equipment.

It so happened that both owners are long time friends. Cona had a career in cultivation and Dennant had a career in denim clothes. At first, the pair tried edibles. However, because they wanted to make healthy products, this was not possible with edibles.

So, they bought cooking equipment and begin to experiment with different organic concoctions that they loved to eat. And that is how Fruit Slabs was born.

They tried it on friends and family members first and realized that it was a hit. The money they collected from friends and family who bought the entire first batch was enough money to make the second batch and the rest is history. Their product is now in sixty five stores across the state of California and they are looking to take it to Washington state next.

Plant People

Gabe Kennedy and Hudson Gaines-Ross are co-owners of the Plant People, which is a marijuana business that sells CBD tinctures, salves and capsules that are made with organic herbs and cannabinoids.

The concept is to make organic products that provide healing and well-being to people who are sick. The pair thinks that the power of the plant is the key to healing the nation, but most people rely on Western medicine for treatment.

However, since so many people are now accepting cannabis as a great benefit to treating medical conditions, the products are catching on. It took $5,000 to get started with this marijuana business after developing the product and getting it into the hands of the right people.

Gaines-Ross was a long time entrepreneur and Kennedy was a chef and they put their skills together to make this happen.

Both had back problems and eventually had back surgeries and this is where everything begun. After giving some of their cannabis products away to friends and family who attested to the fact that they worked, the two knew that they had a winner on their hands. The company is just a year old, but growing in leaps and bounds.

Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University is perhaps the most incredible cannabis company to date that was formed on a budget. Having recently been given a $20,000 million evaluation, Cannabis Training University is a cannabis company worth looking at. CTU was formed in 2009 by CEO and founder Jeffrey Zorn for a reported $50,000 of his own money. Since 2009, Mr. Zorn has grown Cannabis Training University into a multi million dollar per year operation and the leading online cannabis college in the world. Cannabis Training University has graduated over 50,000 students from over 20 countries around the world, amassing many millions of dollars in revenue since its inception.

Jeffrey Zorn, CTU's founder and CEO said “I am really honored to have Cannabis Training University be considered as one of the top cannabis companies to be started on a budget by your publication. I have put my heart and soul into developing CTU into a truly useful and highly informative source for anyone looking for cannabis training and education online. It has been a tremendous ride from our humble beginnings in 2009.┬áTo be a multi-million dollar corporation is exactly what I envisioned Cannabis Training University could one day be, and to be here now is extremely fulfilling. I only hope that my success can help others looking to start their own company from the ground up and help them see that hard work and determination can pay off.”


As you can see, there are some companies that started their marijuana business on a budget! We hope it gives you some confidence to go do it yourself! Now it the time to get started in the cannabis industry. If you have any ideas for a cannabis business at all there has never been a better time to get started and try to achieve your cannabis business dreams.

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