Why You Have the Giggles When You Smoke Weed

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There are several reasons why you have the giggles when you smoke weed. Yes, weed has the clearly identifiable ability to turn you into a laughing clown because of its interaction with the brain. But, the good thing is that it is harmless.

Before we consider how weed affects your humor, let us look at how it affects the brain. Remember that laughter begins in the brain and it is going to be difficult to isolate any specific reasons why ou laugh so much on your cannabis high. However, we will try to dissect this for you.

There are several areas in the brain that govern language, motor function, memory, interpretation, auditory skills and logic. In the brain, laughter is considered a motor reflex after the person has interpreted what is funny and what is not. This might sound complex, but it really is not.

Your brain is going to consider certain social contexts and culture to produce laughter. So, it is going to be an individual experience since there are so many dynamics involved. 

The Laughter Begins

It is a known fact that laughter is mainly processed in the temporal and frontal lobes of the brain. That is the exact location where marijuana consumption begins to play its role. Have you ever paid attention to the fact that your sense of humor changes drastically when you are on your cannabis high? You begin to giggle for no particular reason and those closest to you might be wondering if you are getting crazy. Has that ever happened to you before? Well, for many people, it has. 

The Explanation of Why You Have the Giggles When You Smoke Weed

Simply being on your cannabis high is not the only explanation. It is more complex than that. In fact, it is going to come down to the various ways that the cannabinoid inside the weed interacts with your brain. The weed tickles your funny bone and increases the brain’s blood flow; therefore, boosting the activity of the brain’s neurotransmitter. In so doing, it boosts your reflex activity; causing laughter or giggles. 

Brain Stimulation

If you want a simple explanation, we can safely say that as you venture through the stages of a high, cannabis helps to stimulate the brain and cause laughter. There are studies indicating that a cannabis high stimulates the blood flow inside the temporal and frontal lobes in the brain. Because these are related to humor, it is no wonder that you may have the giggles after smoking weed and getting high.

And you will laugh even more if the THC in the weed is potent. Science does not say to what extent the blood flow affects the stimulation of laughter, but we can suspect that it does so in a huge way. 

Improving the Mood

You should also be aware that cannabis high can improve your mood. The THC will bind to the brain’s receptors and result in a happy feeling while you are high. And that is why some people think that cannabis is good for reducing depression and anxiety. Getting a good laugh from smoking weed and getting high means there is no room for depression and anxiety, right? At any rate, the jokes are always better when you're high.

Final Summary

We can summarize that marijuana consumption; no matter by which method can stimulate laughter. Once the blood flow changes in the brain upon experiencing your cannabis high, it means that laughter will come into play. Your neural pathways will become excited and you will have a life changing moment.

Additionally, some strains have a propensity to bring on the giggles. Your humor will be awakened and you will experience fits of laughter. What better way to reduce stress. Yes, laughter is good medicine. 

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