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Next time you light up, you should enhance your high with music. Many recreational cannabis smokers do this and find it more enjoyable. We have compiled a list of stoner albums and songs that might interest you. If you don’t know already, cannabis and music go together. Ask the late Jamaican reggae singer, Bob Marley and he would tell you that’s how his music became so integrated in so many cultures. Smoking weed allowed him to write better music for the masses and not just for his native Jamaicans. 

When you are on that marijuana high, you can tap into your inner self and get lost in the many patterns and rhythms of the music. It is not a coincidence that you hear the music differently while you are on that marijuana high. In fact, by the time you get high, your mind seeks to enhance your senses and you tend to see things a little more complex and in depth. Some of the music we put together are about marijuana, but others are not, but they are all good to listen to when you are on that marijuana high. If you haven’t already, download the Spotify app to create your playlist or you can use other methods of creating a playlist, if you like. Let us begin with a few albums you can use to enhance* your high with music.

The Albums

Albums have a bunch of musical selection on them and give you a longer listening session; taking you on a musical journey and giving you a reason to relax and chill. 

One such album is from Bob Marley called “Kaya.” It exudes love, peace, freedom and talks about weed. Bob Marley did not hold back telling everyone that he smoked weed. In fact, he believed that it was the healing of the nation and so he made this Kaya album in 1978 to show how much weed meant to him and that it should be free to be used. That was the whole theme of the album. 

Pink Floyd came out with the “Dark Side of the Moon,” which is an album with lots of rock selections on it. The album has a lot of complex depth and melodies. You can hear the wailing guitars that produce pure emotion while on your marijuana high. 

Another album to consider is the one done by Massive Attack called “Mezzanine.” It is a beautiful album to listen to when you are on that marijuana high. You will find yourself feeling enthralled and lost deep into your soul. Some say this is the ideal album to listen to while making love with someone special. 

The Individual Hit Songs

When you are on that marijuana high, you can also listen to individual songs from artists. Tyga and Chris Brown's “Bitches in Marijuana” is a good one. This is an R&B song and it talks about both artists’ favorite things (marijuana and girls). When you listen to this song, it makes you feel as if you are in sunny Los Angeles. You might find yourself dreaming about riding along the beach with the top of your car down and in your back seat are girls in bikinis smoking weed.  

Another song to listen to on your high is Rick James’ “Mary Jane”. If you like old school music, then Nate Dogg’s “Regulate” would definitely peek your interest.  Damian Marley (Bob Marley’s son) sang one that is worth mentioning called “JamRock”. No list is complete without Pink Floyd's “Comfortably Numb”. And we cannot leave out Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Akon with some amazing hits like “It Was a Good Day,” and “Let Me Put Some Kush Up In It.”

* Improving flavor and using quality rolling paper are other ways you can improve your marijuana experience.

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