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There are several ways you can smoke weed and save money at the same time. This is especially true if you do smoke weed on a regular basis. If your dollars go into weed every week, you will definitely want to read on to learn more.  We have discovered a few strategies that have been proven to help you save money while smoking weed.

One of those things is growing weed at home as long as it is legal to do so. Another thing you can do is to make edibles rather than smoking weed all the time. You could also switch to using a vaporizer instead. The real truth about this is that when you smoke weed regularly, it can be quite a costly habit. Most smokers will often cut back on their purchase each week. However, there is no reason why you have to limit yourself or go without having your most favorite strain. You could just be creative and use other ways for saving money on your weed. 

Save the Roaches

One other thing you could consider is saving your roach joints. Don’t know what this is? Well, instead of throwing out your joints once it gets down to a size that you are unable to hold onto it, just go ahead and collect all of them. You can now open up the joint and gather the grounded weed from each and put them together to make a new joint. Do you get it? Yes, because even though, you cannot finish up your joint, it does not mean that you should throw it out and lose the rest of weed in it. 

High THC Content

If you smoke weed on a regular basis and want to save money, another suggestion is to buy weed that has a high THC content. This means that you won’t be able to smoke a lot of it in one sitting unless you want to get really high. Once you buy cannabis strain with a high level of THC content, you will be forced to smoke weed on fewer occasions. This is due to the level of high that one session will give you. This means you wouldn’t have to go into your stash that often. In so doing, you would not only save money, but save your stash. Let’s dig into some of the ways we mentioned. 

Growing Your Weed

If you were to grow your own weed, it would be the ideal situation to save money. However, make sure that it is legal in your location. Instead of buying weed from your local marijuana dispensary, you would be able to harvest your own and keep money in your pocket. In other words, it is more cost effective to grow your own weed to smoke. Start off small and once you get a good harvest, you can do it over and over again. Be sure to find out about the marijuana laws in your state as to how much weed you are allowed to grow. 

Use Leaves and Stems

Tragically, trimming your weed typically leads to a little waste. You can use the stems and leaves; cutting them up or blending them to make cannabis products. Yes, cannabis stems and leaves can be used to make infused products such as capsules, tinctures and edibles. You can consume these and still enjoy the high it gives. So instead of throwing out your stems and leaves, you should save them to use later. You could also use the stems and leaves (trimmings) for bubble hash (concentrates). You can also use them to make cannabis oil for your vaporizer. 

Final Summary

Last, but not least, you could purchase your stash in bulk. In so doing, you won’t have to visit the dispensary as often as you did. When you buy in bulk, you also get it at a discounted rate. If you smoke weed, these are the various things you should consider to save money. You can find a few more strategies here.

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