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The best cannabis jokes to tell are quite humorous. Humor and laughter is one of the huge benefits of being high all the time. But, you cannot stay high all the time. However, when you are high, you cannot help but laugh at cannabis jokes that may be told by friends or watched on television.

We have found some of the best cannabis jokes or stoner jokes that you could find anywhere. If you are up to the laughs, make sure you are sitting down and make sure you have a good sense of humor and more importantly, grab a joint to smoke while you are at it.

Best Cannabis Jokes to Tell Your Friends

Perils of Hell

“Perils of Hell” is one of the cannabis jokes that you might enjoy. Three men died in a car accident and all three men went to hell. The devil was there when they arrived and asked each of them one question. The first one was asked what the biggest sin was on the earth. The man responded, “I love being wasted because I love alcohol, man.”

With that response, the devil directed the man's attention to a room filled with all types of alcoholic beverages. He let the man inside of the room and told him that he would see him in one hundred years and then he exited and locked the room door.

The second man was asked to give an answer to the same question. The man's reply was that he loved to cheat on his wife by having sex with all kinds of women. The devil than showed the man a room filled with beautiful women who were all naked. The man couldn't help himself and ran in and then the devil locked the room door and told the man he would see him in a hundred years.

The third man's weakness was that he loved weed and he was put in a room and locked up in there with lots of marijuana buds. After a hundred years, the devil came to let the men out. The first was collapsed on the floor with all the alcohol he had drunk. The second man came screaming out of the room that he was gay. The third man was seen sitting in the middle of the weed in the same position that he was left in 100 years before. He looked at the devil and asked, ‘hey dude, you didn't leave me lighter, you got one now?”

The Three Wishes

“The Three Wishes” is also one of the cannabis jokes that we found to be funny. One day a stoner was walking near the trash and found a unique oil lamp. He rubbed it and a genie popped out, letting him know that he would be granted three wishes.

The stoner wished that he could get a never-ending joint made from the marijuana strain known as Sour Diesel. Just like that, he found a fat blunt come in his hand. He started to puff at it, enjoying the flavor. So the genie reminded him that he had two more wishes and he said “Yeah, give me two more of these.”

Got Any Weed?

An avid stoner walked into a gas station, asking the attendant behind the counter if he got weed. The man told him that the gas station did not sell weed. So the stoner left and came back the next day asking the same question and the attendant gave the same answer. The man did this several times until the other attendant yelled “You darn refer lover and burnt out pothead, leave the store. We don't sell that kind of crap here and we have told you several times that we don't. Leave right now or we will call the cops on you.”

The next day, the stoner came back and asked the attendant, “You have any nails?” The attendant hesitated, but then said, No sir, we don't sell nails. This is a gas station” As if on cue, the stoner then asked, “Do you have any weed, then?”

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