Top Stages Of A Cannabis High
Top Stages Of A Marijuana High

Top Stages Of A Cannabis High

Top Stages Of A Cannabis High!

The most amazing thing about marijuana is the experience it gives each person individually. There are some similarities, but everyone reacts different when they smoke weed. A friend might share the same joint and with you and have a different reaction. With that being said, when you smoke weed and get your cannabis high, it is going to take you through various stages. In fact, you will likely pass through four phases on average while some people go through more – as many as nine phases. It is going to depend on the persons' body chemistry since everyone's is unique. But, even with that, we are certain that you will have the experience of at least seven phases at some strategic point. Let us take a look at the phases.

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Phase 1

It could have taken you only ten seconds to get that cannabis high. One minute you are smoking a joint or an e-cigarette or vaporizer and the next thing you know is that you are in a thick cloud. It could be that you took too many hits, but then your friends tell you that your eyes are red, you might feel harshness in your lungs depending on the type of consumption and you might feel like sitting down. But, you may be still aware of your surroundings. What happened when you inhaled the marijuana smoke is that the tetrahydrocannabinol stepped over the barrier between the blood and the brain and snugly settled into your CB1 receptor, which is strengthened by your brain's neurons and then sends you into dreamland. Within seconds, it grabs hold of your thought process and you are dubbed as having a cannabis high in just moments.

Phase 2

In this phase, you begin to feel the euphoria of the cannabis high. This type of euphoria is welcomed by many people because that is the reason some individuals smoke weed – to get the cannabis high and the euphoria that comes from it. Your mind and body will be overcome with a strong euphoria and you might find yourself giggle or laughing uncontrollably. You will be aware of the cannabis high, but you might not remember that you were laughing like crazy unless your friends tell you. You may collapse in the couch or on a chair, depending on where you are. In addition, according to the potency of the marijuana strain, you might not be able to move from your seated position. You will feel as if your limbs weigh almost six hundred pounds and that is why you may not be able to move. But, your brain is quite content to stay in one position because all of a sudden, you feel as if you have no stress and no worries anymore. You may sit and stare in space and wish that you could remain in this position.

Phase 3

In many cases, the smoker will have deep and strong contemplation as the sense of euphoria grows and as the brain turns into jelly. You tend to be aware of how small you really are in comparison to the big world out there. While you are in this phase, you may be contemplating on things that you had never thought about before such as why a celebrity is famous or why dogs are man's best friend and not cats.

Phase 4

For some people, phase 4 is all about winding down and this depends on how much weed you consumed for the cannabis high. You might want to get up out of the couch and go searching for something to munch on. They call it having the munchies. After eating some food and letting some time pass, you are back down to reality and might even start smoking again.


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