Smoking Weed: Top Reasons It Is Better Than Tobacco

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Smoking Weed: Top Reasons It Is Better Than Tobacco:

Smoking weed should be a natural thing. However, some people mix their weed with tobacco. This method has become popular with the younger generation. And, it is not necessarily the healthy way to go about things. This takes place a lot in Caribbean and European countries.

If you are a purist, then you might think that this custom has tainted the experience one would have smoking weed. You may be absolutely right because then the tobacco covers the flavor and aroma. Many of these users don’t understand the drawbacks of smoking weed with tobacco. And, more importantly, this can be avoided.

The European Tradition

When you mix tobacco with your weed, you might think you are practicing a European tradition, which is true. IN the late 60s and early 70s, that was what many Europeans did. In fact, if you were in Europe during that time, it would be a challenge to get anything that was different from hashish.

And for that reason, smoking weed with tobacco became the norm. Users would crush the cigarettes and put with the weed while rolling a joint. They did that so it could burn well. Most users in Europe were doing this.

Canada and the United States

In Canada and the United States, there is a good supply of flowers you can smoke. Most of these are of the highest quality and quite potent, if you want to make your joint. And so, there is no needed to use tobacco while smoking weed.

The idea that Europe does have this luxury could be the main reason for most users maintaining their bad habit of smoking weed with tobacco. Let us look at some more reasons why smoking weed is so much better than tobacco.

The Impotence

It is not a good habit to use tobacco in your weed. One good reason is that you won’t enjoy the quality of smoking weed by itself. Many young people who use tobacco with their weed are not aware that prolonged use can cause impotence. Yes, it can because of its effect on the blood vessels that need to dilate to get an erection. And so, you won’t be able to maintain an erection. It is time to give up the bad habit, if you want to save face in your relationship.

Skin Care

Tobacco is not something good for your skin. It alters the biochemical nature of the skin. When you use tobacco, for instance, it can deprive your skin cells from oxygen. This is the oxygen that your skin needs to efficiently perform so you can have healthy skin. And for that reason, the aging process will speed up. You will find that your skin wrinkles quickly after smoking weed with tobacco over time.

The Insomnia

If you want to sleep much better, it is best to avoid smoking weed with tobacco. In fact, if you avoid it, you will sleep four times better. It will feel as if you are having nicotine withdrawals. So, it is best to quit while you are ahead so you can enjoy sleeping at night like other normal people.

Sense of Smell and Taste

When you avoid smoking weed with tobacco, you will have better sense of smell and taste. When you gradually smoke weed using tobacco, it worsens your sense of taste and smell. You will find that food does not taste the same as it used to. Food won’t seem to have any flavor anymore.

Oral Health

Smoking weed with tobacco will stain your teeth and also your hands. This is one of the side effects. The buildup of tobacco is what causes this to take place. When you use pure weed, you won’t have that kind of problem.

Final Summary

If you don’t’ want to smell like an ashtray all the time, it is time to quite the habit of smoking weed with tobacco.  If you don’t, then after a while, this will become an addiction and hard to drop. Your health will depend on it.

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