Top Reasons To Quit Tobacco and Smoke Cannabis

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There are many reasons to quit tobacco and smoke cannabis. When you smoke cannabis while using tobacco, it might feel good to you, but for some people it does not. However, this has become an extremely popular technique by many avid recreational users like you, especially in some European countries. There are some people we call ‘purists' that do not entertain this idea. These are the kind of people that believe cannabis is a pure herb and should not be mixed.

However, when someone is accustomed to tobacco, it makes it easier to tolerate it when they smoke cannabis. This is especially true of the person who also smokes cigarettes and might have been doing so for a while. This person will be quite comfortable with adding tobacco to their joints when they smoke cannabis. However, it is important to note that there are several drawbacks when it comes to adding tobacco to your cannabis.

The Spliff

This has been a long traditional practice in Europe in the 1960s and 1970s. During that time, it was difficult to obtain anything other than hashish and that is when the practice of adding tobacco developed. The smokers during that time began by crumbling their cigarettes and adding it to their joint. This practice went on to become quite popular and that is why it was named ‘spliff.' Yes, that is where the name ‘spliff' came from.

On the contrary, during that same period, recreational cannabis users or people who smoked cannabis in the United States and Canada did not have to worry about only having access to hashish. These two countries had a good supply of high-grade cannabis to smoke and did not have to add tobacco to it. However, today, Europe has caught up with having as much cannabis supply, but they still carry out this same practice. Let's look at why you should quit adding tobacco and smoke cannabis in its pure form.

The Risk of Impotence

It is thought that adding tobacco to cannabis will increase the risk of potential impotence in men. It is said that tobacco smoking affects a person's blood vessels, making it a challenge for blood vessels to easily dilate. This includes the blood vessels needed to cause an erection. So, it might be time to give up the practice, if you have made it a habit.

Dry Skin

When you smoke cannabis with tobacco on a regular basis, it can dry out your skin, changing the biochemical makeup of your skin. For instance, it will deprive the skin of oxygen needed to perform efficiently. This will speed up the aging process and makes the skin look unhealthy over time. If you quit using tobacco in your cannabis, your skin will be definitely thankful you did.

The Insomnia

A research study done by John Hopkins University indicates that people who smoke cannabis with tobacco tend to have four times more sleepless nights in comparison to those who don't. And this has nothing to do with the withdrawal of nicotine because if you were to stop using the tobacco in the cannabis, you would not suffer from nicotine withdrawal. Instead, you would sleep better.

Don't Just Smoke – Toke!

When you put tobacco in cannabis and smoke it, there is a potential risk of impotence and over time, you will not be able to get the kind of erection that you are accustomed to getting. You will sleep better and your skin will not dry out as easily. You won't smell like a walking ashtray and your teeth will also thank you for it. Your sense of smell and taste will improve. Smoking pure cannabis is pricey enough. Your overall health will improve.

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