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In the face of restrictions, regulations, laws and changing rules of cannabis products, no wonder business owners are asked to maintain a certain practice when it comes to cannabis packaging. For some cannabis business owners, it becomes a challenge to keep up with these rules. Although there are different options such as silicone, plastic, cardboard, acrylic and glass, it becomes harder to know which one is better to choose for cannabis packaging. However, all of these options offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the type of cannabis product that you will be manufacturing and putting on the marijuana dispensary shelf.

Wise Choices

In addition, your choices should be such that it stands out against your competition. You should also choose the right cannabis packaging to preserve the freshness of the cannabis product. The product should also meet the safety rules and expectations that customers may have. It should also be very cost effect for the business owner so that it is worth your while. After a business owner spends hours of growing their weed, baking or cooking their cannabis edibles and extracting oils from the marijuana plant, then the cannabis packaging should be cost effective.

The Specifics

Make sure that your cannabis packaging is secure and does stand out while still preserving the margins. This is one of the challenges that a cannabis business owner has to face. Let's look at the most important things to consider as it relates to specific cannabis packaging. First you have to know your target market. If you want to attract cannabis consumers who are conscious about pricing or experienced marijuana users seeking top shelf cannabis products or a target audience that will fall anywhere in between, you have to specifically know which one of these consumers you are going to market to. The cannabis packaging should definitely address the consumer's wants and needs.

The Target Audience

Once you have made a determination about your target audience, you should focus on looking at everything through your potential customer's eyes. Envision the whole process, from the time the consumer sees the product on that shelf to the time that it is consumed. Visualize where the consumer will take that product and where it will be consumed and who the consumer might show and the features that excite them. All of these things will help you find a solution for the right cannabis packaging.

Packaging Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates have a tendency to appeal to cannabis consumers who are more experienced. This is the case because marketing to these experienced consumers tend to be more intense. These people tend to be opinionated compared to the beginner. Therefore, it is important that you get the cannabis packaging right. Most containers for cannabis concentrates are small in size. To put the information mandated by the state on the label, you will have to put the smaller container into larger packaging. When you are making a packaging decision for cannabis concentrates, think about putting the small containers in bags or boxes that are heat sealed. Silicone containers will also be a good choice, especially, if you are packaging medical marijuana.

Cannabis Edibles

The best packaging for cannabis edibles is resalable bags, single use bags, and tube jars as well as tightly closed jars. Choose cannabis packaging that is visually appealing to the consumer. Make sure that the product is kept fresh in whatever container you choose. Be sure the presentation is also appealing and the potency is kept intact.

The Pre-rolls

What is the best cannabis packaging to preserve pre-rolls? Some of the best cannabis packaging is clear tubes, pre-roll bags, and pop-top tubes. Make sure that the package is child resistant, easily removable, tamper evident and smell proof.

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