Top Methods For Cleaning Glass Pipes

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Top Methods For Cleaning Glass Marijuana Pipes. Pipes on white surface.
Top Methods For Cleaning Glass Pipes

If you are a recreational marijuana user and love smoking on a regular basis, you may already have one of those glass pipes used by other users. It is inevitable then to learn how to clean glass pipe or bongs at one point or the other. Cleaning of glass pipes are necessary, especially if you do a lot of smoking on a daily basis or frequently. Let us look at the ideal way to clean your cannabis glass pipes and why you actually need to do so.

The Reason

Your smoking device needs to be kept clean, especially the bowl. Of course, when you began using your glass pipe, at first, you might have gotten that perfect hit from it. However, after a while, this will change because continuous smoking will get it clogged and the hit will be not as perfect as it was before. That is why it is important to clean glass pipes on a regular basis. If it is not cleaned, then it won't function as best as you want when you smoke it. There are some smokers that scrape the inside of the glass bong or glass pipe and think that will make it clean. However, this is not enough and it is just a temporary solution. The resin will still be there and that is what clogs it up.

The Methods

There are some people that prefer to purchase cleaning products from a retail store to get this done. However, this could turn out to be very expensive, even though, it is more convenient. A bottle of cleaner purchased at the store could run you more than $20 and it gets expensive, if you are consistent user, which means you will have a lot of cleaning to do over time. Fortunately, we have some home methods for cleaning glass pipes and bongs that are inexpensive and also easy. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Salt and Alcohol

Get some table salt and rubbing alcohol. Pour the rubbing alcohol in a blow and add the salt. Stir the mixture around in the bowl of the glass pipe. This will loosen up the resin, and that is when you use warm water to flush out the entire thing. If you have smaller glass pipes, you will need a zip lock bag, salt and rubbing alcohol. You would put everything in the zip lock bag and then put the pipe in the bag too. Seal the zip lock bag and shake it up. If the resin is too hard to get rid of, you may need to leave everything overnight and then do it in the morning. After the resin has been removed, use warm water to rinse off the glass pipes. Repeat the method for as many times as is necessary to remove the resin.

Boiling Water and Dishwashing Liquid

Use lukewarm water to fill a pot. Put the glass pipes in it and then boil over medium temperature. Keep inspecting your glass pipes using tongs to take it out of the boiling water and putting back in, if it is necessary. The glass pipes will fill up with the water and that is when you would move them around to get rid of the air bubbles.

The resin will be disconnected from your glass pipe. When you see that, it is then time to remove it from the stove and let it sit for up to ten minutes. Let the water cool and then remove your pipe, throw the water down the drain and catch fresh water. Put some dishwashing liquid in the fresh water and put your pipe back in. Scrub the pipe with Q-tips to make sure all the resin is removed. Rinse your pipe using warm water.

You will definitely notice a considerable difference when glass pipes are fully cleaned and you will have a better smoking experience.

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