Top 5 Pieces Of Marijuana Glass Products You Should Own

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Do you smoke weed using marijuana glass products or do you just smoke a blunt or joint that you rolled yourself? Some people go out of their way extensively searching for the best marijuana glass products and when it is found, you will find that they stuck to it for a while. They do not deviate, if it is not necessary.

There are certain occasions where they might switch up; usually for variety and enjoying the change. In addition, when a guest comes to the home it is generally nice to have a selection since everyone has different preferences.

Below, we have researched and fount the top five pieces of marijuana glass products that every cannabis consumer should own for personal use, variety, technique and entertaining. Let us take a close look at each of them.

The One Hitter

This is one of the easiest one to use on our list. The One Hitter is usually called a “chillum “. It has an elongated shape with two channels at each end to pack sufficient weed for just one hit and that is where it got its name, One Hitter. There is a difference as it relates to the features of a pipe and a chillum. The chillum or One Hitter does not have the same small hole located on the side as the conventional pipe does.

The Glass Blunt

It can be argued that the smoking device with the lowest ratings is the glass blunt. However, most people that use the glass blunt will boast of its effectiveness and its unique features in smoking weed. It is not one of the most conservative marijuana glass products as it relates to managing your stash, but it is not one of the easiest pieces for that hit. The bong is better. If you pack the top of your glass blunt as you do the One Hitter and then inhale the weed upward after using the slide, you will get a better experience.

The Pipe

The Pipe or Spoon Pipe is one of the conventional marijuana glass products that many swear by. It comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but all of them have a bowl towards the end of them. There is a hole at the side so that the weed can be properly smoked. The hole is known as the ‘carb.' How does it work? Well, you would generally cover the small hole or ‘carb' with one finger. You would place the bowl to your lips, light the weed and start to slowly inhale until the smoke builds up in the pipe. You would then take your finger from the small hole or carb and inhale quickly as you clear the chamber.

The Bubbler

The Bubbler is also one of the marijuana glass products you should definitely own. It is ideal for smoking and moreover, it adds a portability feature of the basic hand pipe that has the hit of the bong. The Bubbler is versatile as the user is able to either hit the device as a dry pipe or add water. This particular device is larger than other pipes, but it still smaller than the bong. It is more similar in size to dab rig.

The Bong

Many people love the Bong. It is one of the traditional marijuana glass products still on the market. When the Bong is used to inhale the weed, smoke goes through water and a bubble is formed in the chamber before it is cleared. Bongs consist of a large tube, which holds water and a small bowl where you would load the grounded weed. There are different shapes and sizes as it relates to Bongs.

The Dab Rig

The Dab Rig is also one of the marijuana glass products designed specifically for cannabis concentrates, wax and shatter. You would find a male joint on the Dab Rig instead of a female joint that you would typically find on a Bong. It is much larger than the average Pipe and similar in features to the Bubbler.

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