Best Bongs Ever Made At Home
Best Bongs

Best Bongs Ever Made At Home

With a little creativity, ingenuity and a desire for something cool, people have made some of the best bongs ever to be done at home and you are about to discover what those are and possibly how they were made. We have brought you several homemade bongs that are the best in creativity that you could imagine and they were made by ordinary people like you.

Winter Bongs

All you need is a bag of weed and a lighter to make the winter bong. It is called a winter bong because it was initially made while out trapped at night in the wilderness. You already know that snow has water built into it and a bong needs water to operate efficiently. Round out the snow and sculpt it into a bong-like shape. Hollow out a section of the bong and there you have it. This is really inspiring and creative and one of the best bongs that you can make at home during winter months when there is snow on the ground.

Bamboo or Coconut Bong

When you can utilize the things you have around you, what better way to make one of the best bongs in homemade style? If you happen to reside where it is easy to find bamboo or coconut, then you get make thousands of homemade bongs for personal use and to sell, if that is what you want to do. You will need a drill, saw, pocket knife, stem and a bowl. This is one of the best bongs you can think of that will be the most natural of all.

Lego Bong

You must have heard about legos. These are building blocks made out of plastic that is usually for kid's playtime. Well, not only can these be used to make building blocks. You can make one of the best bongs ever; all in the comfort of your own home. Who would think of this creative way to make a bong, but a cannabis enthusiast? And how does this cool bong work? You would cut out windows in the back of the building block to be able to see inside. Make a hole at the bottom, which will operate as the carburetor. While this may be cool, it may be challenging to get your face in order to actually get a good smoke.

Travel Bong

Even if you are not exactly like a MacGyver, you can make one of the best travel bongs ever. Using an empty container that came with breath mints, you could make a bong. While, it is small, it is easy to fit in your luggage, easy to disassemble and easy to carry around with curious eyes not being able to figure out what you are carrying. Be mindful, though, that like the lego bong, this is made of plastic and so, you have to ensure that it won't melt or give off toxic vapors.

Mannequin Bong

One of the best bongs that are also creative is the mannequin bong. If you have access to a mannequin, you would use the mouth as your entry point to inhaling smoke. This does not come with any instructions. If you know how to use a glass bong, you will figure it out on your own. No, you won't be kissing mannequins so don't be shy. Just make sure that there are no mirrors and cameras around anyway. Be sure that the smoke cools before it gets to the plastic part of the mannequin.

Helmet Bong

Do you own a biker's helmet or a flight mask? Cut the end of the hose in the flight mask; insert a bowl and brass piping so you can create the area to light up your weed. Be prepared that your eyes will get really red. So, be careful not to use weed with very high THC.

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