Top Ways To Enjoy Marijuana Smoking And Coffee

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Coffee and weed could create a thrilling combination for recreational marijuana users. Marijuana smoking by itself is good, but when you drink your coffee while smoking, you can have a whole new high. Both of these substances do complement each other perfectly.

Even with the pleasant flavor of your coffee and the pungent aroma of marijuana smoking blended together on a sensory intensity, there are much in-depth chemical reactions that explain why coffee and weed in the mornings provide such benefit and value.

If you are prepared to take time to search and find the right consumption method as well as appropriate dosage and then merge them, then you will enjoy the benefits and value of prolonged creativity, energy and productivity throughout the day.

The Science

You probably won't find studies that look at the relationship between coffee and marijuana smoking because of prohibition in some states. However, we know that different marijuana strains have varying THC levels. We also know that caffeine can be quite addictive because of its ability to impede receptors in the brain so that you are dependent upon it to take away the drowsiness that you might feel.

Marijuana smoking, on the other hand, consists of cannabinoids, which are produced naturally in the brain. The THC from the marijuana gives you the energy you need when you consume it. When you indulge in marijuana smoking, the THC will attach to the receptors and that is why you might have that euphoric feeling with coffee and weed. High dosage of coffee and weed achieve the same results, tapping into the brain's reward system and gives you that virtual high. Just don't overdo it! Now, let us look at the top ways to enjoy marijuana smoking and coffee.

Reducing the Anxiety

Let's put the science aside, and look at the combination of marijuana smoking and coffee. Marijuana is a stimulant while coffee is a depressant and they work seamlessly together. It is good to note that coffee will help you to keep your stash much longer. In addition, you will enjoy a sense of calmness and reduced stress with your coffee and marijuana smoking.

Hybrid Strain

Make sure you choose a hybrid strain of marijuana since the variety of indica and sativa strains are vast. If you begin your day by having a cup of coffee and cannabis, it is important to choose the hybrid strain as it will provide you with enhanced creativity and a dose of energy along with the calming benefits of the coffee.

Choose Espresso

It is not every time that you are going to need to drink a whole cup of coffee or you will be over medicating yourself, especially if you add cannabis to the mix. So, instead of strong coffee, why not go for an espresso. It is milder and the ideal recipe to experience a creative and uplifting mindset. With the espresso, you only need a few sips to feel its potency.

Preparing Your Day

When you get up in the mornings, it is important to enjoy the time you have so you can get ready for your day. So, get a cup of coffee along with marijuana smoking and you will have an enhanced state of mind to capitalize on spending your day in a good mood and having a good marijuana experience.  This is especially good if you own a business and are your own boss. Get a smoking buddy to get more out of

Various Approaches

During our coffee and marijuana smoking sessions, you are working within a certain routine to get to the peak of creativity and alertness. There are different approaches you can take. It is possible to use a vape pen that you stuff with sativa strain to get your energy up. You could also stuff a bong with indica strain to maintain your calm to deal with tough customers. Sip coffee while you inhale and wake up early enough so you can take your time to enjoy your marijuana smoking and coffee combination.

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