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The city of Los Angeles is equipped with dealing with the recreational marijuana laws. Many marijuana dispensaries are trying to become leaders in that segment of the market by offering weed discounts. Many of the prices for various products are quite low when you take advantage of the deals. These include concentrates, edibles, oils and other related cannabis products.

If you really want to find the recreational cannabis dispensary with the cheapest products, check the weed discounts below.

Korea Town Collective

The Korea Town Collective has some really great weed discounts. You can actually buy four gram eighths of weed from $15.  Korea Town Collective can be found on 7382 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. This is a convenient location, offering amazing customer service. They sell some good marijuana strains that have become quite popular. These include Glue and Birthday Wishes. The inventory consists of a lot of edibles and concentrate deals. Korea Town Collective takes pride in its top shelf marijuana products; all at very competitive cost.

If you are a first time patient, you can obtain upgrades of up to five grams for only five bucks or ten bucks. If you want to receive a free vape battery, all you have to do is to donate your Eureka CO2 cartridge. You will receive three edibles product if you give a donation of $10.

Universal Collective

Before you hit up the popular attractions in West Hollywood such as the Malibu beachfront or the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz or you try to see which celebrity you can spot, check out Universal Collective for recreational and medical marijuana products. Their Casper OG strain starts at a price of five bucks per gram.

You can expect superior customer service at this dispensary. Weed discounts is part of their portfolio to attract more customers with a medical need. They sell top shelf medical marijuana in different forms. They also accept compassionate donations and carry a specific number of merchandise to choose from. If you become a member, you will receive free consultation on the best way to use cannabis.

Some of the deals offered by Universal Collective include:

  • First time patients will get to choose a gram of their desired strain once they give a $10 donation
  • If you go in on the day of your birthday, you will get free edibles
  • If you refer someone, you will raise your reward points and possible obtain an eighth for free

Of course, as with anything else, there are specific restrictions. You can call ahead to get more details or ask for their existing weed discounts.

Zen Healing                         

Zen Healing is one of the medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries located on Sunset Strip. This is a friendly place to purchase your recreational pot. If you want to enjoy weed discounts, this is the place you should start out from.

King Kush Collective                                        

You would definitely love the King Kush Collective, which is also a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. You can expect to get some really good weed discounts and excellent customer service. This particular dispensary has had several recipient awards; one as the number one retail shop in Southern California. The inventory consists of many concentrates as well as wax and vape products. Some of their weed discounts and deals include:

  • A gift bag and a hit of dab for first time patients
  • One eighth of weed for just $25
  • Six bucks off the LA Kush Brass Knuckles
  • 7 gram of Indica strain for just $50
  • Purchase a gram of wax and receive the second one for fifty percent discount

LaxxCC Pre-ICO

The LaxxCC Pre-ICO is another marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles that offers specific weed discounts. Located on Lincoln Boulevard, the LaxxCC Pre-OCO has great choices of sativa and hybrid strains that are lab tested. The place has a nice party vibe with music playing in the background. If you are a first time patient, you will receive a gram of weed for just ten bucks. Get two types of top shelf strains combined for thirty bucks per gram.

Los Angeles Cannabis School

If you are looking to learn how to grow weed and how to start a cannabis business in Los Angeles, enroll at the leading Los Angeles Cannabis College, CTU. Learn all aspects of the marijuana industry with online cannabis education from the #1-rated cannabis college, Cannabis Training University.

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