Top Reasons Physicians Won’t Talk About Marijuana Topics

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There are many reasons physicians wont talk cannabis topics. If you have ever spoken to a doctor about any medical issue, you know that it might be challenging to articulate your point; let alone, if you are talking marijuana topics of any kind. If you broached the subject and found that the doctor showed some reluctance, it might turn you off.

You might have felt that the doctor was not open to this alternative treatment with medical cannabis. This is especially true, if you live in a state where marijuana is legal. There are so many benefits when you consume medical marijuana to treat your ailments. Physicians are coming onboard, but some are still not there yet.

Traditional Medicine

For years, the medical cannabis community has fought over bringing the benefits into patient care conversations and discussing marijuana topics so that the taboo can be removed. So many people are suffering from conditions that can easily be treated with marijuana and yet the traditional medical community or western medicine has not yet fully embraced it. People are seeking relief, which is so close at hand with medical marijuana. And that is why advocates have taken a stance of changing policies and being a mouthpiece; providing avenues for discussion of marijuana topics. If we press forward, the obstacles can be overcome. Let us now look at the top reasons medical physicians won't talk about marijuana topics.

The Fear

Marijuana is listed by the federal government as being a Schedule 1 drug and for that reason; many physicians think that they might not be allowed to discuss marijuana topics. Some believe that their medical license given to them by the Drug Enforcement Administration to write prescriptions may be revoked. Since the state of Michigan has legalized weed, the Drug Enforcement Administration has conducted trainings for physicians to prepare them for this. And so, hopefully, this is done in all states that have legalized weed. The training constituted ways that patients can communicate with physicians on marijuana topics. In fact, doctors have a right according to the first amendment to discuss marijuana topics with their patients. It is not federally legal for physicians to write a prescription for patients. However, they are allowed to make recommendations according to their professional judgment. What does this means? It means that your physician can have an open discussion on marijuana topics with you, if you honestly feel that it has medical benefits for you.

The Restrictions

In some cases, medical cannabis might not be discussed because of the restriction the doctor might believe to access patients can have to other medicines. In a case where the patient is treated for cancer, oncologists tend to be the medical professionals that recommend cannabis. In many instances, the oncologists might make the recommendations based on the side effects that patients might be having after chemotherapy and experiencing nausea or less of appetite. It helps patients to endure the side effects and even eliminating the cancer, if it is caught in the early stages. If the patient is experiencing pain, there might be further restrictions due to the Schedule 1 classification; even though numerous studies have been done showing that cannabis has the appearance of being effective as an exit drug to dependence on opioid.

Not Sufficient Information

In some cases, doctors don't want to deal with marijuana topics of discussion because there is not enough information available to them to enter into a conversation. Many doctors lack the information necessary to make the right recommendations. It might be feasible for physicians to get the right training available in the marijuana industry so that they can serve their patients because marijuana treatment is advancing and soon enough, the medical community is going to have to deal with it.

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