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Top medical marijuana dispensaries in California. In the marijuana industry, people are beginning to see more states being legalized for medical and recreational cannabis use and many legalized states have become the norm for selling both recreational and medical cannabis.

In the state of California, for example, there are more medical marijuana dispensaries selling weed to recreational and medical cannabis users. Other states are following this trend or even just decriminalizing specific amounts of weed that you can possess. California was the first state that initiated marijuana legalization.

And so, we have created a comprehensive list of some of the most popular medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of California. These companies sell a wide range of marijuana strains that you can choose from. Cannabis edibles has also become quite popular among marijuana users. Let's explore them.

Exhale Med Center

For one of the top medical marijuana dispensaries in Lose Angeles, look to the Exhale Med Center. This dispensary has received multiple media coverage from CNBC, Fox News and the Vulture. You can go on a virtual online tour to find out what they have to offer. They also have a list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana.


CBCB takes pride in offering a place where customers can be educated about the cannabis industry and marijuana strains. This is one of those medical marijuana dispensaries that serves the Berkeley community well. The dispensary is well staffed and also includes counselors and offers delivery service.

Harborside Health Center

The Harborside Health Center is one of the medical marijuana dispensaries that takes pride in offering a high quality of cannabis products for sale. This dispensary is located in the city of San Jose and they provide delivery service. The company is known for its growing customer base as many customers are getting their medical needs easily met.

Waterfall Wellness

Waterfall Wellness is one of the medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of San Francisco. It serves the neighborhood with a wide range of cannabis strains such as Pink Champagne. The dispensary provides industry news and product updates to its customers.

Top Shelf Delivery

Top Shelf Delivery is also one of those top medical marijuana dispensaries that offers vendor delivery service. They are a non-profit organization, which is much more appealing to customers.

La Brea Compassionate Caregivers

La Brea Compassionate Caregivers is one of those Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries that have gotten good reviews from the public. There is no website, but you may see pictures of their store on the Internet and be able to tell why they are so popular in the area.

Canna Culture Collective

Canna Culture Collective is a San Jose medical marijuana dispensary that also has a demo store on the Internet. That means you cannot order online, but you can see all of their cannabis products being offered. They carry more than fifty different types of cannabis edibles.

Koreatown Collective

Koreatown Collective is one of the medical marijuana dispensaries with a pretty large menu of cannabis products. All of their marijuana products can be viewed on their main webpage. This dispensary opened up in 2006 and continues to grow its products to include edibles, topicals and oils.


If you are looking for one of the best medical marijuana dispensaries, then Kushmart should be your choice. It is convenient to reach them since they are located in downtown Los Angeles. The company promotes safety when it comes to using cannabis. They sell high quality weed.


HERB is also located in the city of Los Angeles. It is one of the medical marijuana dispensaries with great reputation. This dispensary does have an online site with extensive cannabis products such as pre-rolled joints, flowers, edibles, concentrates and more.

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