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Each year as the cannabis industry continues to explode around the USA and other areas of the world, more and more people are trying to figure out how to get a cannabis job.

The truth is, the more you know about cannabis in general the better chance you have of obtaining a cannabis job.

Cannabis reports recommends to start with a solid understanding of the cannabis plant, cannabis industry, and cannabis job market before venturing out with your resume.

Best Marijuana School

To start, the best marijuana school for getting prepared for a cannabis career can be found online and taken by anyone on the planet from anywhere in the world.

Cannabis Training University is by far the leading cannabis college. They began way back in 2009 and have put in the time and effort to maintain the top spot for many years since.

CTU's Master Certificate Program is the most affordable, and most informative cannabis program we have found, not just by a little, but by a huge margin.

CTU students will be pleased to see the high definition cannabis videos that are included, consisting of everything from cannabis growing, cannabis extractions, cannabis careers, cannabis as medicine, to many other extremely useful topics that anyone interested in working in the cannabis industry should know.

To be able to go in to a cannabis business and show a CTU Master Certificate will definitely put any applicant on a pedestal when compared to those without the CTU credentialing.

For in person cannabis education CR recommends Oaksterdam University in Oakland California. Oaksterdam, like CTU, has been around for over a decade and is taught by very knowledgeable industry experts.

Once you get yourself in front of a cannabis employer with your new marijuana resume and cover letter, as well as your new cannabis certification, it is time to wow them with your personality and knowledge of all things cannabis.

Tips To Nail Your Marijuana Job Interview

To learn how to nail your cannabis job interview check out this article

To learn how to write a great cover letter check this out here

420 Job Search

Get trained and educated at an online cannabis college. We recommend Cannabis Training University (CTU) as the best cannabis college for marijuana jobs.

If you are looking for a budtender job, dispensary agent training, master grower jobs, bud trimmer jobs, cannabis extraction tech jobs, or cannabis edibles chef jobs, CTU has your cannabis education covered.

Put effort into your education and interview skills.

So you're ready! Get on it there and make your new green career begin!

Good luck from Cannabis Reports!

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