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With so many of them, people often wonder which are the Top Cannabis Blogs Online?

There are many cannabis blogs online these days, but some are better than others. Most times, these are the main source of information for many consumers and enthusiasts along with business owners.

The good thing about cannabis blogs is that they are a convenient way to get information and they are always accessible; hosting the most current industry news and providing education to all. And more importantly, you don't have to pay any money for access.

You will find the most current articles and useful details about the cannabis industry. We have collected some really cool cannabis blogs that are popular online and gaining traction. You will find the top ones on this list.

Cannabis Training University

The Cannabis Training University blog has expanded over the years into one of the best marijuana blogs found online. CTU's blog covers all topic of the marijuana industry. We often enjoy the blogs on Marijuana Growing, Marijuana News, Marijuana Jobs, Marijuana Dispensaries, Marijuana as Medicine, Marijuana Stocks, and many other awesome and up-to-date cannabis blog topics. Cannabis Training University is not only one of the best marijuana blogs, but is the leading cannabis college found online and has been since 2009. The CTU team continues to elevate its cannabis business and find new and exciting cannabis courses to offer. Anyone looking for a great weed blog and marijuana news daily should check out CTU on a regular basis.

Cloudy Kitchen

Whether you are a novice or expert, Cloudy Kitchen caters to you at the level that you find yourself. This is one of the cannabis blogs that offers several free recipes to make edibles. This is where you go to learn about how you would make your cannabis infused lunch, breakfast and dinner. The owner of Cloudy Kitchen will usually explain complex topics like terpenes, endocannabinoid system, cannabidiol and cannabinoids; just to name a few. You will find articles related to cannabis law reform, history of cannabis and frequently asked questions. If you want to be empowered, this is the blog to bookmark.

Royal Queen Seeds Blog

If you are looking for one of the top cannabis blogs that made our list, it is the Royal Queen Seeds. It is one of the cannabis blogs that provides information on seed beading including information on autoflowering, cloning, and growing medical marijuana seeds at a reasonable cost and with fast shipping. This is one of the cannabis blogs that has a global geographic focus.

Merry Jane

Focused on North America, the Merry Jane is one of the cannabis blogs that offers resources on culture, news and videos that cover cannabis. The content provided is exclusive to the industry and engages its own perspective and opinion on various topics.  Merry Jane offers important information to its audience; also providing interactive tools that helps with exploring cannabis events, products, communities and dispensaries.

High Times

If you don't know High Times, one of the most popular cannabis blogs and magazines, you must have been living on another planet. The blog has been around since 1974 and focuses on legalization of weed, cultivation, culture and entertainment as well as explosive news on the War on Drugs. It would be wise to subscribed to one of the largest cannabis magazines online.

Dopamine Magazine

The Dopamine Magazine is based in Australia and is one of the cannabis blog online that covers the marijuana lifestyle; featuring culture, gaming, music, food and more. This is all about the legalization and normalization of the cannabis culture in Australia.

Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture is based out of Canada and is one of the cannabis blogs that covers hemp and marijuana around the world. The blog covers marijuana cultivation, culture, war on drugs and other related topics. This is where you would go for the latest news about the industry.

DOPE Magazine

DOPE Magazine is one of the cannabis blogs or magazines based in the United States. In the most recent years, it has become quite popular; issuing its print magazine on a monthly basis and providing online access to its content; specifically covering the marijuana lifestyle within North America.

Hemp Connoisseur

Hemp Connoisseur has a global geographic focus and is one of the cannabis blogs that had to make this list. It provides education and information about the economics, health and environmental issues associated with marijuana. The blog or online magazine is based in the United States and publishes interesting articles to its audience.

The Weed Blog

The Weed Blog has been around a long time and has grown into one of the most popular cannabis blogs online. It covers all things cannabis related, especially the latest cannabis news, cannabis laws, and cannabis events.

Best Marijuana Blogs Online

To see a great marijuana blog we recommend Cannabis Training University's cannabis blog for updated cannabis news and events. CTU's blog also has strains, dispensaries, and much more!

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