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For several years now, the state of Colorado has legalized recreational cannabis. However, that does not mean that patients should not go to the doctor for their mandatory visit. Medical marijuana patients who are sharp and know the repercussions often will take advantage of the available resources, which could include dispensary visits and medical services. If you are a patient without a medical cannabis card or ‘red card,’ it is possible that you have to go elsewhere to purchase your weed as long as it is somewhere legal.

The state of Colorado does allow private cannabis activities to adults. However, the cities can actually ban the retail cannabis sales. The city of Colorado Springs allows medical marijuana dispensaries to conduct business inside the city limits, but they do not allow the operation of recreational weed stores.

The Available Options

If you do not hold a medical cannabis card, then it leaves you with just two options. You can travel to an out of town dispensary or grow your own weed. These two options are more difficult than going to a local dispensary. This is especially true, if there is an emergency and you are unable to obtain the medication that you need. The only solution is to obtain a medical cannabis card so you have access to the numerous dispensaries located in Colorado. In fact, at these locations, the staff is fully trained to assist you and to recommend the best products for your medical symptoms. With a card, you also have substantial benefits working with cannabis doctors.

The Benefits of a Card

When you become certified as a medical marijuana patient, it gives you some perks such as reduced taxes paid on your marijuana purchases. You also increase your limits as it relates to possession, cultivating and buying weed. You can also receive compassionate support from cannabis doctors with an understanding of the therapeutic value of marijuana. Cannabis doctors will also provide expert advice and suggestion as to treatment and therapy. You will also be legally protected when you own a medical marijuana card and you have the option to get assistance from a local caregiver. Let us look at some of the cannabis doctors available for referral in the state of Colorado.

Doc Morrison

Doc Morrison is one of the reputable cannabis doctors located on 2909 Sheridan Boulevard in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  He opened up an office so that he could assess patients who were trying to get access to medical cannabis treatment for their chronic pain. He had an innate desire to investigate the culture of medical marijuana as it grew over the years in the state of Colorado. He provides a safe, knowledgeable and friendly environment for medical cannabis patients. Call (720) 630-8999 to learn more.

Green Cross of Cherry Creek

Green Cross of Cherry Creek is located on 3400 Oneida Way in Denver Colorado. It was opened in 2009 to facilitate the people who needed some of the highest quality weed harvested by experienced master growers. They sell organic marijuana plants that are free of pesticides and soil grown. The company can refer to cannabis doctors and helps with renewing your marijuana card. Call (303) 321-4201 for more details.

Healthy Choices Unlimited

Located on 1135 Grape Street in Denver Colorado, Healthy Choices Unlimited provides compassionate cannabis doctors to assess and educate patients as it relates to medical cannabis. Services include complete application program package, Medical Marijuana Evaluations, Evaluations of children cannabis, nutritional consulting, cannabis education and Evaluations for increased plant counts. For more information, call (303) 394-3446.

Herbal Health Systems

Herbal Health Systems is located on 6250 E. Yale Avenue in Denver Colorado. You can reach them at (303) 237-1223 with your questions. Schedule an appointment with any of the cannabis doctors there, if you are seeking evaluation or a medical marijuana card. Renewal and new patient appointments can be done online as well as appointments for military veterans. Office is opened from 10AM to 3PM from Monday to Friday.

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