5 Best Dispensaries In Sacramento

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Best dispensaries in Sacramento. Picture of Sacramento California
Best Dispensaries In Sacramento

We have found at least five of the best dispensaries in Sacramento, California. With this information, you don’t have to figure out which one to visit. We have done all the research and by customer demand and quality inventory, we have put these five on top of the list.

Visit each of them to see which ones meet your criteria and your needs. Remember that the state of California was one of the first to legalize weed and so for that reason, the state has become saturated with various kinds of businesses that cater to the cannabis industry. So, it is important to pick from the pile so that you can get the best of everything. For those who do not have this information handy, it can take a lot of time and effort to find the top cannabis dispensaries in Sacramento.

The Current Situation for Dispensaries in Sacramento

Today, adults how are 21 years of age and older can now walk into cannabis dispensaries with a valid ID and purchase weed and other related products. Decades ago, this was not possible. Now, the green zone is filled with some of the best cannabis dispensaries and the industry will continue to grow since recreational cannabis has also been legalized. Now, here are the five top cannabis dispensaries that we found to have added up to their reputation. Enjoy!

Best Dispensaries in Sacramento

african american woman opening bottle of legal marijuana from dispensary close up

A Therapeutic Alternative

Established in 2009, A Therapeutic Alternative got its start from advocates of the rights of medical marijuana patients. The company provides high quality service and products to their members. ATA as it is called provides an environment that is holistic and professional. The staff is knowledgeable and compassionate; believing wholeheartedly in the healing powers of weed. A third party lab is used to test their products for CBD levels and contaminants to offer safety to the consumer.

A Therapeutic Alternative provides amazing service and has an extensive menu of quality products rich in CBD and some THC. They also carry edibles, extracts and topical products. For more details, call them at (916) 822-4717.

Abatin Wellness Center

Abatin Wellness Center is also one of the top cannabis dispensaries in the city of Sacramento. They focus on assisting their members through quality product inventory and education to have the best marijuana experience. The dispensary is licensed to sell recreational weed and medical marijuana products. They offer their customers counseling to help them to identify various ideal delivery methods and the best strains that will meet their individual desires and needs.

The staff offers great service. Once you place an order on the Internet, you can either pick up the product or have it shipped to you. The company is quite efficient and organized. When you enter the dispensary, you are given an Ipad to look through the extensive menu. Call (916) 822-5699 to find out more.

Connected Cannabis

Connected Cannabis is one of the best marijuana clubs in the city of Sacramento. Their members are so privileged and well taken care of. The budtenders are caring, knowledgeable and patient. This is more than just one of the cannabis dispensaries that you walk into every day. This one is special. You will find some exotic and unique flowers on their menu. You have to be proactive because their stock sells out fast. Call them at (916) 475-1857 to learn more. Connected cannabis is certainly one of the best dispensaries in Sacramento.

515 Broadway

515 Broadway is also another one of the cannabis dispensaries you should consider, if you are looking for quality products. They have been in business collectively as a family for two decades; supporting people’s right to natural healing alternatives. The founders have worked hard to provide customers with a safe environment and easy accessibility to alternative medicine.

Initially, the company worked through the American Cancer Society and Sutter Aids Foundation to educate and inform patients about an alternative to their medical conditions. In 1996 at the passing of the Compassionate Use Act, 515 Broadway has stepped out into the limelight to up their game of helping sick people become well again. Call  (844) 722-9333 to speak to someone. 515 Broadway is one of the best dispensaries in Sacramento.

Northstar Holistic Collective

Last, but not least on our list is Northstar Holistic Collective, which is also one of the reputable cannabis dispensaries in Sacramento. When you walk into this dispensary, you should expect some of the best medical cannabis products for members. They are reputable for their boutique strains, which are usually difficult to find. The prices are affordable and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Call  (916) 476-4344) to learn more.

If you are looking for the best dispensaries in Sacramento we hope you check out these 5 awesome one first!

Sacramento Cannabis School

If you are looking to learn how to grow weed, how to get a cannabis job in California, how to get a marijuana license in California, or just want to grow your own tasty buds at home, making sure to check out the leading California cannabis college.

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