Top Recreational Marijuana in Denver

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Recreational Cannabis Denver.
Recreational Marijuana Denver.

Whether you are a recreational marijuana user or professional cannabis reviewer, you may know of the recreational marijuana dispensaries or weed shops in Denver. If you don't already know, we have compiled a list of recreational marijuana shops in Denver. You will have enough to choose from.

Native Roots

Native Roots is a chain store, one of 15 in different locations across the state of Colorado. You will find several signature cannabis strains at this location. This includes Cookies ‘n Dream and Griz Kush. They also sell a choice of glass bongs.

Mountain View

If you want to do a comparison between different cannabis strains, head over to the Mountain View. This is one of those recreational marijuana superstores that carry up to ten different cannabis strains from up to six marijuana growers. They also carry more than fifteen cannabis strains from in-house flower as well as topical creams and edibles. You will find yourself spending time looking through their THC percentage library, which is a binder with all the cannabis strain test results.

Groundswell Cannabis Boutique

If you want to purchase quality cannabis products, the Groundswell Cannabis Boutique is the place to go. You will have a wide selection of CBD only products along with recreational marijuana products. The location is close to City Park where you could just grab some weed and then walk over to listen to live music or drink a cocktail.

Preferred Organic Therapy

Preferred Organic Therapy is family friendly. You will feel comfortable as soon as you walk through the door of this recreational marijuana store. It is spacious and elegant in design. You will appreciate the fact that consumer education is provided in the store. They have more than twenty brands of cannabis strains on their shelves.

Giving Tree of Denver

While you may have several options to consider in terms of recreational marijuana, the Giving Tree of Denver is an ideal choice. This is especially true, if you are also looking for other cannabis products such as edibles and tinctures. There is a good choice of edibles too.

Denver Relief

Denver Relief is one of the most reputable recreational marijuana store, located in the heart of Denver. They also carry a variety of cannabis products such as topical creams, extracts and edibles. You will find many of the best cannabis strains here as well.

Simply Pure

If you are purchasing recreational marijuana, concentrates or edibles, Simply Pure is the ideal location. They have a loyalty reward program for customers, which earns discounts to eat at the Jezebel Restaurant, which is a block away. Get your weed and head across the street to Highland Tap and Burger joint.

The Clinic

In the state of Colorado, you will always find a chain of marijuana dispensaries that sell recreational marijuana. The Clinic is one of them. They sell quality cannabis products including seeds, edibles, concentrates and tinctures.

The Health Center

The Health Center sells edibles, quality marijuana, vape pens and other cannabis products. It is located centrally to the city of Denver. So, it is easy to reach.

The Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun carries a wide selection of cannabis products including recreational marijuana and edibles. The cashiers sit behind a window similar to a bank teller's window The store remains open until midnight.

Kind Love

If you are looking for quality concentrates, you will find it at the Kind Love recreational marijuana store. They sell shatter and dabs and also carry more than twenty different concentrates. This store also allows you to shop for recreational weed after midnight.

Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies is another recreational marijuana store located downtown. It is visited by locals and tourists alike. you can expect to find various brands of shatter as well as live resin and concentrates.

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